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The worm has turned

Written by: on Thursday, September 18th, 2014


While a negative change of fortune can shake the confidence and challenge the spirit of any team, uncontested winning can have the opposite effect by creating a false aura of invincibility causing a team to become complacent and over confident. Both scenarios can challenge the integrity of a team. It is true that unexpected loss can make a weak man quit, but to a true contender the worm turns. He has distain for the taste of defeat and increases his effort three fold, challenging himself with the promise of a new day, correcting mistakes, and preparing himself for a shot at the champion. His efforts often go unnoticed by the champion who looks beyond the quiet competitor and steps forward with great confidence. But in life even the lowly worm will turn if tread upon.

Although at opposite ends of the spectrum entering week 4 a showdown between PIAA contender Erie Cathedral Prep and heavy underdog DuBois Area would appear to be a forgone conclusion. CP boasts an undefeated season against top notch competition with their last win coming against arch rival McDowell a week ago. The squad presents a lineup of no less than 7 all state nominees. Over the last two seasons Prep has been to the semifinals twice with one of those trips resulting in a state title. With bigger contenders on the path to Hershey it’s easy to understand why the dragon’s eye is cast on the distant future once more.

Entering week 4, the Beavers are digging deep after a 36-35 overtime loss to Conneaut. During the conflict the Beavers found a running game and a defense two more cards for their hand as the post season inches closer. DuBois is a mature football team that is not shook by a small set back. They have had their eye on the post season from the beginning and each week offers up a playoff caliber team to test their resolve and provide them with a valuable learning experience. This Beaver squad welcomes the challenge of a tougher schedule believing in Coach Varischetti’s game plan and in the talent in their locker room. This week Prep has their undivided attention and they are confident in themselves, believing they don’t have to beat Erie just the person across from them.

A dragon lays waist to all in its path. When William Shakespeare used the phrase the worm has turned he was referring to a change of fortune. The worm, symbolizing a dragon, had changed its course casting its attention else ware, presenting a good omen and an opportunity for the underdog. Cathedral Prep is a juggernaut that is confident and seasoned. It has its eye on the prize and not on the Beavers. By now all mistakes have been corrected, all plans have been made, and all that remains is the game. DuBois is a tight group of talented athletes that believes in their skill and in each other. This week they will represent all of rural Pennsylvania as they travel north to face heavily favored Cathedral Prep. Despite the odds the contender’s quality will be known and found to be formidable. Entering the conflict the Dragon has little respect for the underdog but Swami believes the beast has presented a favorable opportunity. For the Beavers…”The worm has turned”.

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