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I have few memories as vivid as Friday night football. Like a boundless work of art it is painted on the canvas of the mind carrying me for a moment back to my childhood. Within the last throes of summer each year, the great masterpiece is framed by an emerald sky harmoniously permeated by the illumination of stadium lights. The aroma of fresh cut grass, popcorn and hotdogs fills the cool evening air interrupted momentarily by the fog of a slow exhale. The senses invite us on a journey back in time as ageless fight songs played by shiny brass horns and deep base drums lift the spirit higher. With the first glimpse of the newly lined gridiron the heart races with excitement. On the great stage the purity of the away jerseys stands out like sunshine upon freshly fallen snow, causing spectators to gaze in wonder and small boys to dream. The DuBois Beavers find themselves on the road in four of their first five games so white is a shade they must become comfortable with. It is a color of atonement for the Beavers who have shed their black jerseys of a year ago and with them the memories of bookend defeats at the hands of Mifflin County. Having come full circle, on August 29th the Beavers have a date with redemption as they travel to nostalgic Mitchell Field to kickoff the 2014 season.

The short history of this matchup has been fought and won in the trenches by veteran players. On paper the Huskies appear to have the advantage on the line with the Beavers having lost 7 starters on both sides of the ball. However the Beaver bigs will be led by the Peterson twins, Zillhaver, Meighen, and Luther all of which have Varsity experience despite the graduation of so many. The group will be joined by underclassmen newcomers Pasternak and Foradora who will get their first test on Friday. Running back Devin Clark will get the bulk of the carries with O’donnell giving the Huskies a change of pace. DuBois will try to establish a running game to complement Varischetti’s fast paced passing attack and the Swami believes some new twists might prove to be difficult to stop. The receiving core is solid as burner Bryson Paulinellie returns to lead Kriner, Dawson, and Foley on a scoring frenzy in 2014. The orchestra is well balanced and they have the perfect conductor in Quarterback Gabe French. French’s strong arm and experience will give the Huskies a lot to think about on Friday night. On the other side of the ball DuBois is led by veterans Adam Bankovich at LB and DT Brad Peterson at the point of attack. The group will be accompanied by a platoon of veterans and newcomers that will attempt to make a name for themselves in week 1.

There is always a large amount of uncertainty at the start of a new season with graduation, injuries, and weather. The Swami however sees all and his vision is made clear by the light. White will take Mitchell Field like a blizzard on Friday slowly building in strength as the game rolls on. The Huskies will experience sporadic success on both sides of the ball but the whiteout conditions will favor the Beaver offense. Swami likes the Beavers in a slow steady accumulation of points. DuBois 33 Mifflin County 27.


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