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The Beaver Swami: Franklin Edition

Written by: on Friday, October 14th, 2016


Kinks in the Armor…



After a demoralizing loss to the Grove City Eagles that destroyed the dam and completely drained the E.J. Mansell pond, the Beavers hit the road for their final 3 games of the season. First stop, the home of the Franklin Knights. The Knights are busy polishing their armor and sharpening their swords in anticipation; they have no intention of surrendering their castle without a fight!

The Beavers are entering the contest with apparent confusion as to their identity; those who witnessed the Grove City onslaught were left scratching their heads. The pass dominant offense is clearly capable of putting up the big numbers, yet after a very successful second quarter against Grove City, the pond builders passed very little and attempted to run the ball against the fierce Eagles defense. The defense has shown flashes of brilliance, but has not gained the consistency needed for a deep playoff run.

The Swami feels that if the high flying aerial attack is used as the primary weapon, and the defense is able to shut down the run and make the Knights one dimensional, victory shall be claimed. The buck tooth bandits will locate and exploit the kinks in the armor, chew through the castle walls and accept the Knights surrender…DuBois 49, Franklin 21.

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