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The Beaver Swami: Dubois/Allderdice Edition

Written by: on Thursday, September 29th, 2016


Another Fire Breather…


After a complete annihilation of the Warren Dragons, Dragons from the west will head to E.J. Mansell Stadium this week in an attempt to regain reptilian honor. As their Warren brethren rebuild their lair, the Allderdice Dragons have assembled a team of quickness and speed. They have undoubtedly studied the mistakes their northern cousins made and will be prepared for the Beaver Express.

The Beavers have been busy fireproofing the Mansell dam in anticipation of the speedy Allderdice fireballers. The pond builders defense is one of the best we have seen in years – fast, athletic and most importantly; healthy. Senior Ryan Pasternak is the anchor while the speedy Kenny Garvey quickly tracks down intruders with punishing efficiency.

Offensively, the Beaver Express just keeps rolling. They have adapted to the man coverage opponents have thrown at them by mixing in a solid running game, quick screens and the deep ball threat. The O-Line has afforded gunslinger Matt Miller plenty of time to diagnose the defensive disease he faces each week. He is currently 2nd in the state in passing yards per game averaging 315, and receiver Kyle Hopson has quietly worked himself into the state’s leading receiver spot with 729 yards on 37 receptions.

Yes, the pond builders will give up a few big plays due to the speed of the flying fire breathers, but in the end our furry warriors will emerge slightly scorched but victorious. DuBois 49, Allderdice 35.

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