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The Absence of Color

Written by: on Friday, October 17th, 2014




Black is the color of authority and power.  Like a timeless black hole it absorbs all frequency within the visible spectrum and commands submission unto its will.  Black wields an overpowering presence, aloof and dark.  The absence of color shakes the nerve and like a priest walks with grace and wisdom.  Black is the color of the Beaver now and with the setting Sun the journey into season’s final tunnel begins.  From this point forward the DuBois Seniors have put away their white and openly embrace their hueless achromatic garb.

Friday night the Franklin Black Knights will step into the bright lights of EJ Mansell Stadium.  Awaiting them before a packed crowd will be a dark ominous presence eager for a scuffle.  DuBois is on a roll and finding their stride at the right time.  The team has a swagger and it comes from their ability to take what a team gives them.   They are confident in their ability to make adjustments on fly both offensively and defensively.

Similar in talent and scheme to Bradford, Franklin has found some ability to run the ball but little success at stopping it. Swami believes DuBois’s read option offense will provide lots of fireworks on the ground.  A year ago running back Devin Clark rushed for 5 touchdowns against the Knights.  This season French’s ability to run should open up even bigger holes for Clark which means an abundance of yards for the power back and a few more touchdowns as well.   Look for the Beaver Defense to demonstrate their growing aggression Friday night.  The defensive line will be missing dominate Robert Zillhaver for the season but a platoon of senior talent will find its way into the lineup and should keep the pass rush fresh.  Swami thinks that the men in black will pitch a shutout and look for a running clock once the Beaver Express gets rolling.  The Beavers like the absence of color and they will have no need for a punter ….DuBois 62- Franklin 0.

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