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Sponsor of the Week: Hudl

Written by: on Monday, September 23rd, 2013


See how some coaches are using Insiders for their teams


Give Supporters something they want

Insider Accounts are a way to share the Hudl experience with your team’s parents and fans. They receive their own Hudl login with access to game film for the entire season. You have total control over who gets an invitation and what video they see.

Earn Money for your team

The success of Insider Accounts is in your hands. Hudl automatically gives you a list of suggested parents and alumni to invite. Coaches and players can easily invite additional potential supporters by uploading an Excel document or inputting their email address. Track the status of invitations and your team’s funds on the Manage Fundraising page.

Connect with your Alumni

Have old film sitting around? Upload it to Hudl and invite alumni to create Insider Accounts and relive the glory days online. Invite the Class of 2013 to create their own accounts and keep up with future seasons. With each graduating class come more Insiders.

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