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EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PAEasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA

Red Dragons persist to beat West Shamokin

Written by: on Monday, September 11th, 2017


Senior running back Melvin Sanchez’s 80 yard run for a touchdown changed the momentum of the game against West Shamokin for the Red Dragons.

With rain being the expected weather for the night, fans were pleased with their dry seats. However, the start of the game had Purchase Line fans jumping out of them in frustration and West Shamokin’s in excitement. A touchdown and a one point conversion following it from West Shamokin dampened Purchase Line’s excitement in the first quarter.

Despite the valiant attempts to contain West Shamokin from Seniors Lucas Syster, Tyler Kachmarchi, and Brandon Marsh on defense, the team was unable to keep them out of the end zone. Syster stuffing West Shamokin, Senior quarterback Shamar Campbell stopping several runs, and Senior David Stephenson having coverage on a pass were the highlights of an otherwise uneventful quarter for Purchase Line. The quiet and disappointing quarter ended in a 7-0 score and West Shamokin being in the lead.

Seemingly determined to redeem their field, Purchase Line pushed on in the second quarter. After an attempt to run the ball by Senior running back Melvin Sanchez, Syster was able to make a small advance off a catch from a pass thrown by Campbell. Sophomore Jacob Barnett was able to do the same in the next play. A fumble from Syster worried fans, but a run from Campbell on the next play brought them a touchdown. Stephenson attempted a conversion off of a kick but it was missed. The excitement from the touchdown was short-lived. Sophomore Cullen Goncher and Marsh did noticeably well on defense with several tackles, but were again unable to stop West Shamokin’s second touchdown. Syster, luckily, was able to block the conversion kick. After regaining possession, Purchase Line began their decent down the field. A pass to Goncher gets the motion started. Then another pass to Kachmarchi with which he made a decent run. It was then Barnett’s turn to catch a pass and run with it. He almost made it into the end zone. The referee placed the ball inches from the end line. Intensity built on both teams, each struggling against the other. The quarter ended with no other touchdown from Purchase Line and they walked to the locker-room during halftime with the score of 6-13 over their heads.

Purchase Line came back ready after halftime. After struggling in offense with a dropped pass early in the quarter, Campbell threw a sailing pass to Sanchez which he caught and ran an 80-yard touchdown with. The crowd and team erupted, thankful for the sudden change in the team’s attitude in the game. Next Syster was able to score a two-point conversion on West Shamokin and the score had suddenly turned: 14-13. Sanchez seemed determined to keep the lead he helped create and stopped a run like his own from West Shamokin. The rest of the quarter slipped away, but it was clear who wanted to win the game. Purchase Line went into the fourth quarter with a score of 14-13; finally, the tables had turned.

The third quarter’s momentum carried into the fourth. Kachmarchi started the quarter with an interception. Sanchez suffered a leg cramp soon after and struggled off the field. The team was not deterred and was able to assist Campbell during his run into the end zone for a touchdown and again for a two-point conversion. The score jumped to 22-13. Purchase Line enjoyed their lead, but it was threatened when West Shamokin made a huge run to the 24 yard line. They then scored another touchdown when Purchase Line could not contain them. There was no conversion and the score became 22-19. This was where the score remained for the rest of the intense game, each team giving their all to win. Fans congratulated Purchase Line for their ability to turn the game around, and hopefully this determination carries over to their game next week as they take on Marion Center.


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