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Let’s go! Dubois/State College preview

Written by: on Thursday, November 13th, 2014



During the days leading up to the Allied invasion of Europe troops trained daily and waited for the order to go. Like a prized race horse standing in the gate. The men listened in a heightened state, chomping at the bit, ready to roll at a moment’s notice. Fighting off boredom they repeated the monotonous agenda each day waiting for the go sign.

In occupied France the Germans prepared their defenses. The allies owned the sky but the trenches belonged to the Germans and dug in they wrestled with how to place their limited resources along an expanded front.

Then the moment came. “Gentlemen you are set to embark on Operation Overlord” In a radio delivery of the message, Eisenhower displayed the self-confidence and leadership skills that would later make him president. “ Remember men that the eyes of the world are upon you and your opponents will fight savagely, but together show your devotion to duty and accept nothing less than victory! Good luck and may God Bless this great and noble undertaking”.

Like the Germans, State College has had adequate time to prepare their defenses while adding a few tricky wrinkles to their playbook. Despite their devoted preparation the Beavers have seen man coverage before, multiple safety looks, and they have faced a wide variety of zone blitz schemes. The Beavers have learned from experience and adapted.

This Swami will not mention a single individual this week. The Beavers are a team entering into the 6-9 Championship game and they are confident in each other. They are a well-balanced machine that takes what you give them, identifying subtle weaknesses at the line of scrimmage and exploiting them. Time stands still at the line and a simple wink can deliver a knockout blow. On the flip side they are also comfortable taking 8 yards at clip and keeping the opponent’s offense standing on the sideline helplessly watching the game tick away.

State College has a talented Defense allowing 13 points or less in their last 7 games. They have a strong defensive line with athletic linebackers. Look for the Little Lions to try to match up man for man in the secondary with help over the top. State will attempt to stop the running game with a six man front, shadow the QB, all while applying pressure off the edge when possible. Like the German generals the State College coaches have discovered that it is a big field to cover with limited resources.

Like mountain men from the back woods the Beavers love the cold and they are pumped to be playing State College in Hollidaysburg. They are a group that wants the ball and they feel they were born to win. The Swami sees a different breed of Beaver. They have waited on the docks long enough. The eyes of the world are upon you. Let’s Go!

Swami Believes DuBois 38 State College31.

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