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2017 Team Previews: Harbor Creek Huskies (10)

Written by: on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


Head Coach: NED BAILEY

Assistant Coaches: Troy Budziewski (SP)
Dave McQuiston
Noble Brown
Matt Glass
Bill Kaliszewski
TJ Abraham
Jeff Dahlstrand

Team Name: Harbor Creek Huskies

2016 Record: 1-9

2017 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Brandon Burnett
Zach Cassidy
Joe Newara
Jared Nelson

Offensive Starters Returning:
Lee Barney Senior RB 5’8 185
Dan Hedlund Junior Center 5’11 200
Gabe DeVore Senior Guard 5’9 195
Ryan Kruszewski Senior Tackle 6’4 275
Reece Ferguson Senior TE 6’2 230
Lucas Folmar Senior QB 6’1 190
Zach Mosbacher Senior RB 5’11 205
Nick Uht Senior SE 6′ 170

Defensive Starters Returning:
Lee Barney Senior DB 5’8 185
Gabe DeVore NG
Collin Askins Senior Tackle 5’10 230
Reece Ferguson DE
Zach Mosbacher LB
Tyler Charlton Sophomore LB 5’9 170
AJ Ennis Sophomore LB 5’10 180
Jacob Calkins Senior DB 5’9 155

Special Team Starters Returning: NONE

Key Newcomers: Hunter Purpura Junior Guard 5’11 185
Domonic Viscuso Junior DE 5’10 195
Jaxson Favre Freshman DB 5’8 160
Cody Smith Freshman SE 6’2 150

Key Stats: 1-9

2017 Offensive Outlook: Spread: Need to avoid turnovers and costly penalties

Have majority of offense returning so we will be much improved

2017 Defensive Outlook: Front 7 should be good, need to find defensive secondary

2017 Special Teams Outlook: Need to find all new players


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