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DuBois Beavers Lose Heartbreaker to Mifflin County 41-21 in PIAA District 6-9 Regional Championship Game

Written by: on Friday, November 22nd, 2013


At Mansion Park in Altoona, PA, the Beavers squared off against the Huskies for the second time this season for the District 6-9 crown. DuBois was defeated by the Huskies in week one by a score of  21-17. The Beavers were looking for revenge this night, but came up short.

It was a beautiful night for football, 45 degrees and no wind. The Huskies were the first ones to score at 5:33in the first. The Beavers held Mifflin County to just 6 after Sophomore LB Adam Bankovich blocked the extra point. Senior DB TJ Troup gave DuBois some momentum after he intercepted a pass late in the first quarter.

As the second quarter started, with the Beavers driving down the field, any fan could feel that something big was going to happen. Something big did happen. The Beavers came up short, turned the ball over and at 9:44 in the second quarter the Huskies went up 14-0 after a two point conversion. Mifflin County took it in again to go up 21-0 a few minutes later.

Junior QB Gade French got the Beavers on the board late in the second quarter for the 21-7 tally in favor if the Huskies. Senior K Josh Hnat made the point after. Mifflin County added 6 more to the board within the last 3 minutes before halftime. The score was 27-7 due to a missed extra point.

Halftime gave both teams time to regroup and refocus on the task at hand. The Beavers had some work to do in the second half. Their work ethic from the past season would have to pay off now or DuBois would be heading home.

The Huskies tacked on 7 more halfway through the third quarter to make the score 34-7. DuBois’ Junior RB Devin Clark took one in for 6 and with Hnat’s P.A.T., the Beavers were a little closer to their opponent with the score of 34-14.

Mifflin County answered back late in the third for their final TD of the night making the tally 41-14. Junior WR Cole Kriner got the final word in for DuBois with a TD to set the final score at Mifflin County-41, DuBois-21.

“All the coaches said they were proud of us for not giving up all season.” said Senoir DB Austin Gahr after the game. “After high school, I plan on going to college and just loving life.”

Junior RB Bryson Paulinellie commented, “We didn’t protect the ball very well. We also had way too many turnovers. The team just made too many mistakes to come out with the win.

“It was an overall rough game and we just needed to score more.” noted Senior LB Justin Sleigh.

DuBois Athletic Director Mike Erickson on Friday’s performance and the outlook for next season. “If I were to rate the game 1 to 5, I would give it a 3. It could have been a whole lot worse and we did do a few things right. We did some nice things, a few good plays here and there. The defense stepped up a few times during the game. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means but we did do several things right….A lot of the skill positions are going to be coming back next season. It’s a good start. The linemen that are coming up from the younger levels are going to need to step up and fill those rolls. There are a lot of kids with the size and strength that can fill those spots.”

There is going to be a lot of returning talent next year for the Beavers starting with Gabe French at QB, Devin Clark and Bryson Paulinellie at RB and WR. Up-front on the offensive line, OL Robert Zilhaver and C Bransyn Luther will return to the line-up as well. On the defensive side of the ball, there will be many return-ies such as Cole Kriner at LB, Shae Bloom; a Sophomore at the DB spot, Adam Bankovich and along with some of the same guys who are playing on the offensive line.

Junior RB/DB Jesus Rosa commented on next year’s talent, “We should be looking good for next year with Devin Clark, Gabe French and Bryson Paulinellie coming back. We will have to see if the linemen can step up. We are losing a pretty big guy, Tyler Fleeger. He was one of our biggest and main men helping out. We are going to need a big lineman to come and take his place.”

Tyler Fleeger on his plans after high school. “I plan on going to college, getting a degree and hopefully playing college football too.”

There are 28 Senior Beavers graduating this spring and some of them are going to college and pursuing a football career. They will all be missed dearly.

I will also be graduating this spring as a part of the Class of 2014 at DAHS. I felt like I was part of the team being on the sidelines taking notes and doing some video work for my high school. I am really going to miss it. I want to thank my communications teacher, Mr. Sam Bundy for telling me about this internship. I also want to thank Mr. David Mika for allowing me to be a part of for the past two years. This has been a great memory from my senior year. I have gained a valuable learning experience that will further my career in sports journalism and broadcasting.


Loyal Sons. Loyal Sons Are We! GO DuBois Beavers!!

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