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Clairton “Stamps” in its First Win of the Season

Written by: on Sunday, September 5th, 2010


Leading into the game there was a lot of trash talking, but Clairton did its talking on the field.

The Little Prexies simply had no answer for the Bears swarming defense. Their offense was so anemic their offense gained -24 total yards and gained 0 first downs.

Nothing was done to shake up the Bears.  Nothing was done to put the Bears defense off balance. Every drive for Washington looked the same; three run plays up the middle.

In a game where Clairton wins 41-0, it’s hard for some to find mistakes in their game. But three third quarter turnovers, two muffed punts, a few avoidable pre-snap penalties, and it’s easy to say that the Bears were far from perfect.

Desimon Green was the player of the game. He amassed three sacks. He was on nearly every tackle in the first half and was five for five passing for 105 yards. Josh Page had five catches for 96 yards and two touchdowns, including a spectacular run after catch for a 54 yards.

Clairton used a plethora of running backs with Tyler Boyd leading the way with six carries for 100 yards.

Clairton opened the scoring late in the second quarter on a 13-yard run by Brandon Small and never looked back.

If this is how Clairton treats 2A schools in the WPIAL, one has to ask, does any Blackhills school stand a chance?

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One Response to “Clairton “Stamps” in its First Win of the Season”

  1. Bill Kerney says:

    I attended the Clairtonian Reunion Picnic this weekend and the talk is this, “We will see you in Hershey again this year Bill!” I live in the Harrisburg area and the excitement in Clairton is contagious! Fans are excited about this years team, especially the DEFENSE! ! ! Have a Great Year “Bad News Bears! Bill Kerney, Class of 1970!