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Clairton Continues District 5 Dominance

Written by: on Saturday, December 1st, 2012

SOMERSET-With such an explosive offense, legendary defense, and not to mention the nation’s longest win streak, the Clairton Bears entered rural Somerset County looking ahead already, to next week’s game.  This game posed virtually no threat to the Bears.  After all, the three consecutive state title winners have held their last three District 5 challengers scoreless, 142-0.

The surging Berlin Mountaineers exploded on the field, looking to break this trend as they absolutely out muscled the Clairton powerhouse early on.  Berlin moved the sticks steadily and effectively with none other than Drew Glotfelty guiding the offense.

(Glotfelty managed 137 yards of offense on the night.  His team leading 79 yards rushing bumped his total to 2,012 yards on the season.)

Also getting into the mix was freshman RB Braden Fotchman, who was able to collaborate with Glotfelty with some run game flare of his own.  Combine those impressive efforts with a defensive unit whose play seemed to leave the Bears pawing in the dirt and suddenly the upset does not seem unattainable.

It was not until late in the first quarter that Division I bound, phenom, Tyler Boyd was finally able to find the end zone on a 17 yard gain.

With Berlin continuing to play their hearts out in a classic David and Goliath bout, it was not until a transfer in momentum after the injury of one of Clairton’s key players that triggered the beginning of the end.

Titus Howard, a fellow Division I prospect went down with an elbow injury in the second.

Following Howard’s departure, tensions ran high as Clairton attempted to avenge their fallen teammate.

The mighty Bears did not take their feet off of the gas.

Later in the second, Boyd notched two more scores, placing him atop WIPIAL’s list of all-time touchdowns with a staggering 110.  (Boyd was able to tally 5 touchdowns on the night and rush for 227 yards.)

Clairton added three more touchdowns in the third. Terrish Webb, a senior committed to Kent state, made his reservation for six after snagging a short and crisp pass to mark an 10-yard TD.  Clairton QB, Armani Ford played his pocket passing style and tossed 6 times for 123 yards respectively.

Damond Flowers capped off the Bear’s scoring when he returned a fumble to raise the final score to 53-0.

Clairton will shoot for 62 straight when they take on Port Allegany (13-0) next Friday.  This District 9 force boasts a WIPIAL record holder of their own: quarterback Matt Bodamer, all-time leader in career passing yards.

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10 Responses to “Clairton Continues District 5 Dominance”

  1. Lewis Booker says:

    This will be my last comment on this topic. I see that whoever you are to comment on this game, the Bears and our rapid fans, you have NO idea about Clairton football. You say you watched the whole game, if so then you saw with your own eyes how ridiculous and horrible the officiating was. Unless of course, you are Stevie Wonder. Nobody wanted to talk about the officiating and instead wanted to give Berlin credit for hanging in there. I give their team credit, they played their game. Tell me this, did you see the first series where they were penalized after a first down, then the refs conveniently decided there was no foul and picked up the flag? Berlin kept the ball and had good field position. But they DID NOT score. We are that good, just to let you in on a fact, in the last five years, there has been NO District 5 team to score on us. None, zero, zilch. Chew on that for lunch. What I am finding is that a lot of these schools and places that we have traveled to have gotten information or been told that Clairton has a bad reputation and that you can do or say whatever you want to us without retaliation. These are not slavery days. You made it a point to call me ignorant and have no respect for football, I will accept that as a compliment. We didn’t need Berlin to lay down for us, we played our game and beat them down. For the record, there were 3 touchdowns called back which would have put us well over 70 points in the game, EASILY. Wonder if you saw that? Again I say that the officiating was the worst ever, we get that all the time. And this has been going on for many years. Nowdays, our teams are better equipped for the adversity and go out and DOMINATE teams in spite of the referees bad calls or lack thereof. We have a dynasty going on here in Clairton, whether you like it or not. Our fan base is loyal and dedicated and nobody, especially nobody like you who knows nothing about our people or our area can comment on what you think the perception/reputation is of Clairton’s football team and it’s fans. We have a voice and it will be heard loud and clear.

  2. "Classy Clairton"..? says:

    Ironically Booker I was at the game and for it entirety actually for a half hour before and after the game as well. I am a district 5 sup[porter and I sat right on the 50 yard line and saw every play. The mountaineers being a dirty team may come from other teams from the district but they of course would leave out the oppositions side of the story that perhaps the mountaineers were provoked?? I think it’s preposterous how ignorant you are to think Berlin would forfeit the game had Glotfelty been hurt?? Glotfelty is not the only player on the team but is one that stands out from most. It takes 11 guys on the field to make a team and those 11 guys didn’t lay down from the beginning or until the end. You have no respect for football or any other team for that matter. The Bears winning with class is whatever YOU want to believe but as far as the rest of the crowd their that traveled from all over would agree that the team and it’s fans were anything but respectable. Before the teams even warmed up Clairton fans were trash talking in bathrooms and around the concession stand. As I said. You continually sob over the fact that this team played with heart and wouldn’t lay down for your team.

  3. Lewis Booker says:

    Mr. Charlton, thank you for a wel written article, I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  4. Lewis Booker says:

    Let me respond to the last comment, Whoever you are, you must not have been at the game and saw the game in it’s entirety. You also must be District 5 supporter as evidence from your comments. During the week, all the teams that were contacted regarding Berlin, called them a dirty team. this came from their fellow District 5 opponents, so dont think it was something that was made up from any Clairton fans. The truth is the truth. You dont have to worry about the Bears winning with dignity or class because this group of players has done just that in spite of these constant injustices. As for my intelligence, you can best believe I know what I’m talking about and you would also if you had attended the game and watched it in it’s entirety. Berlin wasn’t the first team this year to have a CONTROVERSIAL play against us, because a lot of these teams go into these games knowing that they’re going to get blown out by us and they resort to these tactics. If you knew anything about Clairton football down thru the years, you would understand this. We have a voice now and a forum and these things will be brought to light. For those who dont like it, too bad. If one of our players had went after Glotfelty and injured him with a cheap shot, Berlin would have most likely forfeited the game. he was their whole team and they had nothing other than him.

  5. "Classy Clairton"..? says:

    First of all I would like to commend Mr. Charlton on a well written article. A comment was made by hum separate from the article simply dealing with District 5 football and having nothing to do with the Bears/Mountaineers game. As for Booker and Crazy your very lopsided comments in favor of the Bears should be disregarded by anyone having any sort of intelligence. Watching video from the game from both sides of the field show no indication of Glotfelty and “dirty play” but rather a clean football hit sending Titus to the ground attempting to catch himself. Glotfelty is a humble and very respectable player who would never cheap shot anyone and has the mental capacity to know not to punch someone in the head wearing a helmet. Who does that?? A for high fives after the Howard injury I’m sure this is false too because the classy Clairton crowd was more interested in unsportsmanlike actions and chants about the play rather than respecting their own injured player’s well being. Yes Crazy the game was a shutout and was indeed high scoring but for the small town hopeful Mountaineers holding the Bears to 6 points in the first and 26 by the half was truly an accomplishment that most teams don’t experience stated by Mr. Charlton. The referees being biased is completely ludicrous but is an argument any any team or crowd. The “Classy Bears” making death threats to players on the field was truly an act of elegance for such a stand out team. You’re right Booker these are high school kids playing HIGH SCHOOL sports. Let’s not forget this and make it bigger than it is. You won, but yet this so called “classy” group continues to dwell on Friday night’s game and keeping the drama alive via the internet. Win with some dignity instead of continually bringing your reputation and respect down to the level of a cocky team that just so happens to have a few D1 recruits. Best of luck with Port Allegany.

  6. Alexander Charlton says:

    I appreciate both of your comments and I agree that the officiating was outlandish at times. I’m not trying to say that Berlin was on the same level or was even ever close to beating Clairton. I was just trying to say that Berlin, like Clairton, played exceptionally hard and I believe that they deserve the recognition. I do not know everything about the fans or what happened with the players, so I’m not going to side with either team. Clairton deserved to win this game just like they deserve to win another state championship. I’m not trying to take anything away from that.

  7. sherry moon says:

    I too was at this game, in which I saw alot of very hard hits from the Clairton players. One in particular from a very large boy to the nineth grade, 5 foot, Berlin player. He stood up and barely made it to the side. Thats football! Great article, Alexander. You reported all the facts and highlights of the game. We enjoy reading your articles.

  8. Maybe Im Crazy says:

    But 53-0 is not “hanging with” Clairton. Clairton was up 29-0 at the half…again, not “hanging” with them. On top of that, the Bears had 3 touchdowns called back on very questionable calls, including an 81 yard run to end the first half. Despite some very questionable officiating and dirty play by Berlin, Clairton still managed to make that game not even close.

  9. Lewis Booker says:

    Alexander, while I respect your opinion, let me tell the true story about this game. This Berlin team was the dirtiest team we have gone up against all year long. I give them credit, they did move the ball against our defense but they were aided heavily by the referees bias. This was the worst officiating I have EVER seen and we still won the game by shutout. All of us Clairton fans who were at the game were outraged by the play that Glotfelty made to deliberately injure Howard and he was seen shortly after giving high fives to his teammmates. This was insulting and truly a classless gesture. These inferior teams go into these games knowing they cant beat us so they resort to trying to injure our key players or worse yet, draw an opponent into a confrontation to possibly get someone ejected. These are high school kids who play their hearts out, these games should never be so heavily decided by any referees calls or lack of. Rest assured, we are the Bears and we are who we say we are.

  10. Alexander Charlton says:

    Berlin may have lost the game, but they were able to hang with win the streak warriors for at least until halftime. (They held Clairton to just 26 points at the half.) That is more than most teams can say. The Mountaineers were also able to show fans that their young talent will be able to patch the holes left by this special group of exiting seniors. Braden Fotchman will make a pitch to join an elite list of Berlin rushers, while his older brother, sophomore sensation Bryce Fotchman will hold down the fort defensively with the aide of the attack dog style play of Stew Trulick and Nick Stockwell. Crafty TE and DL, Dante Paul will continue to approach his heavily anticipated prime as he continues to mature.

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