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Cathedral Prep takes down Dubois

Written by: on Sunday, September 21st, 2014



The DuBois Beavers had a rough start to Friday’s game with Erie Cathedral Prep. ECP had more big guns than the Beavers could match up with rolling to a 51-21 victory over DuBois’ best. The squad started slow after an opening kickoff that was returned for a touchdown, followed by an interception on the Beaver’s first possession. Prep had several several successful scoring drives before the Beavers could find their rhythm. The defense began to sway the Beavers luck with a fumble recovery by Meighen and a pick by Paulinellie. Under heavy pressure all night French picked up the pace of the passing game and the chains began to move. The Beavers found pay dirt three times following multiple quick catches by Nick LaBrasca, and grabs by Kevin Foley and Cole Kriner that ended up inside the 5 yard line. Chad O’Donnell finshed off the two drives and the Beavers had found their stride. French continued to lead the Beavers methodically down the field finding his tight end, Dawson, and the Kriner in the endzone to end the scoring at 51-21. The Beavers now travel to Punxsutawney to play the Chucks for the 100 time. It is a week the squad needs badly to get healthy following four tough fought games to start the season.


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3 Responses to “Cathedral Prep takes down Dubois”

  1. Colin says:

    East Erie,

    I invite you to go over easternpafootball and check out some of the comments that get made about the schools in the Philly Catholic League. Will make you head spin.

  2. Billy Splain says:

    The articles about Dubois are contributed to our site by a member of the Dubois area. We invite any and all to contribute articles to the site. We will gladly post them for you. We appreciate any and all feedback. I did agree with you that the comment in the article was not proper for the site. I do apologize for missing the comment and will try not to let it happen again. The article has been revised.

  3. EastEriepa says:

    “Tri-state all star [sic] squad”? I challenge you to find one player on the current roster who is from outside Erie County let alone outside the Commonwealth. Instead of commenting on the actual game and the how well Cathedral Prep played (you didn’t mention one prep player or drive), you belittle a group of kids with ignorant comments to perpetuate rumors that are untrue. The bias of the staff toward DuBois is blatantly obvious in all of your pieces. Whatever happened to reporting the facts?