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2011 Big School Team (Class AAAA-Class AAA)

Written by: on Thursday, January 5th, 2012

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2011 Big School Team (Class AAAA-Class AAA)

The 2011 edition of the Big School postseason team consists of players from schools within the AAAA and AAA classifications of Districts 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. There is only a First Team and Honorable Mention for this postseason team. Athletes are arranged in alphabetical order by first name.



QB: Dillon Buechel, Montour (Sr.); Jordan Brown, Seneca Valley (Jr.); Mack Leftwich, North Allegheny (Jr.)

RB: Beau Swales, Clearfield Area (Sr.); Julian Durden, Montour (Sr.); Jack Haffner, State College Area (Sr.); Luke Hagy, Mt. Lebanon (Sr.); Rushel Shell, Hopewell (Sr.); Dane Brown, Franklin Regional (Jr.)

WR: Anthony Nixon, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Darren Massey, Montour (Sr.); Marcus Carter, New Castle (Sr.); Nate McLaurin, Erie Cathedral Prep (Sr.); Tyrayl Veney, Indiana Area (Sr.); Zach Schademan, Thomas Jefferson (Jr.)

OFF. SPEC.: Dakota Conwell, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); Kyler Kenyon, Knoch (Sr.); Damion Jones-Moore, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Greg Garmon, Erie McDowell (Sr.); Wesley Phipps, Grove City (Sr.); Forrest Barnes, Seneca Valley (Jr.)

TE: J.P. Holtz, Shaler (Sr.); Jaymar Parrish, Gateway (Jr.)

OL: Avery Anderson, Gateway (Sr.); Bob Mandish, Penn-Trafford (Sr.); Dom Martinelli, Montour (Sr.); Ian Park, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); Jordan Patterson, Grove City (Sr.); Logan Dietz, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Ryan Hickey, Franklin Regional (Sr.); Patrick Kugler, North Allegheny (Jr.)


DL: Arthur Goldberg, Mt. Lebanon (Sr.); Chad Phillis, Central Valley (Sr.); Cody Conway, Gateway (Sr.); D.J. Fink, Central Valley (Sr.); Jake Radzuikinas, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); Mike Beveridge, Ringgold (Sr.); Treyvon Hester, Penn Hills (Sr.); James Connor, Erie McDowell (Jr.)

LB: Aaron Reed, Montour (Sr.); Hakeem Oliver, Gateway (Sr.); Jaylen Coleman, University Prep (Sr.); Levonte Ford, Erie East (Sr.); Mike Caprara, Woodland Hills (Sr.); Tyrone “T.J.” Neal, McKeesport Area (Sr.)

DB/S: Corey Lauer, Franklin Regional (Sr.); Harry Lowber, Mifflin County (Sr.); Slater Simek, Franklin Regional (Sr); Brendan Coniker, North Allegheny (Jr.); Devin Wilson, Montour (Jr.); Kyle Trinch, Grove City (Jr.)

DEF. SPEC.: Alkwan Williams, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); Louis Taglianetti, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Luke Schreiber, Saint Marys (Sr.); Mason DePeal, Grove City (Sr.); Nate Nachazel, North Allegheny (Sr.); Robert Foster, Central Valley (Jr.)

K (tri-First Team selection): Josh Cloithaux, State College Area (Sr.); Matt Loughnane, Penn-Trafford (Sr.); Jon Chereson, Erie Cathedral Prep (Jr.)

P: Von Walker, Central Mountain (Jr.)


QB: Dom Presto, Thomas Jefferson (Sr.); Gervon Simon, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); John Matarazzo, New Castle (Sr.); Josh Falatovich, Greensburg-Salem (Sr.); Logan Weaver, Indiana Area (Sr.); Perry Hills, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Sean Sleigh, DuBois Area (Sr.); Zach Emerick, Penn-Trafford (Sr.); Austin Jerman, Warren Area (Jr.); Eddie Stockett, McKeesport Area (Jr.); Thomas Woodson, Gateway (Jr.)

RB: Andrew Rumburg-Goodlin, Knoch (Sr.); Anthony Jordan, Erie East (Sr.); Fred Epps, Meadville (Sr.); Manny Simpson, Penn-Trafford (Sr.); Michael Kizzie, Greensburg-Salem (Sr.); Ryan Ruffing, Thomas Jefferson (Sr.); Shamar Greene, West Mifflin (Sr.); Tim Odum, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); Cody Baker, Saint Marys (Jr.); Darin Franklin, Gateway (Jr.); Dorian Brown, Baldwin (Jr.)

WR: Corey Jones, Penn Hills (Sr.); Darrian Rice, New Castle (Sr.); Dwight Andrews, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); Jamar Clark, McKeesport Area (Sr.); John Cragg, Corry Area (Sr.); Mac Megahan, Knoch (Sr.); Mike Wilcox, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); Nathan Zigler, Warren Area (Sr.); Shakim Alonzo, Woodland Hills (Sr.); Troy Witt, Seneca Valley (Sr.); Youri Windleton, McKeesport Area (Sr.); Mark Davis, Warren Area (Jr.)

OFF. SPEC.: Chazz Whittaker, Penn Hills (Sr.); Curtis Lewis, Central Valley (Sr.); Gage Clark, Highlands (Sr.); Denzel Jones, Strong Vincent (Sr.); Percy “Quad” Law, Ringgold (Sr.); Terrence Goodrum, Meadville (Sr.); Brock Baranowski, Pine-Richland (Jr.); Nico Lodovico, Franklin Regional (Jr.); Christian Lezzer, Clearfield Area (Soph.);

TE: Jack Schwaba, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); C.J. Jackson, Pine-Richland (Jr.)

OL: Adam Bisnowaty, Fox Chapel Area (Sr.); David Miller, Seneca Valley (Sr.); Jake Turley, Central Valley (Sr.); Jake Witucki, Highlands (Sr.); Joe Victorri, Montour (Sr.); Jordan Farrow, Central Valley (Sr.); Logan Walther, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Matt Christiansen, Montour (Sr.); Niko Mamula, Chartiers Valley (Sr.); Reily Shane, Highlands (Sr.); Scott Haraczy, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Zach Crossey, Penn-Trafford (Sr.); Dorian Johnson, Belle Vernon Area (Jr.); Pat Hall, Thomas Jefferson (Jr.); Shaun Smoker, Grove City (Soph.)


DL: Alex Gilmore, Grove City (Sr.); Brock Eisenhuth, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); Chris Avery, New Castle (Sr.); Dylan Colucci, Greater Latrobe (Sr.); Marlin Jackson, Brashear (Sr.); Matt Christiansen, Montour (Sr.); Tyrique Jarrett, Allderdice (Sr.); Waylon Fink, Greensburg-Salem (Sr.); Zach Fosset, Central Valley (Sr.); Zach Lyon, North Allegheny (Sr.); Demetrious Haywood, Erie East (Jr.); Jawan Turner, Woodland Hills (Jr.)

LB: Adam Cole, Belle Vernon Area (Sr.); Andrew Tuzikow, Knoch (Sr.); Austin David, Central Valley (Sr.); Brian Merritt, Saint Marys (Sr.); Jake Wyllie, Grove City (Sr.); Luke DeHart, Erie McDowell (Sr.); Robert Myers, Clearfield Area (Sr.); Willie Horne, Erie East (Jr.); Alan Crastenberg, Highlands (Soph.)

DB/S: Juwan Haynes, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Sr.); Mark Watson, Greater Johnstown (Sr.); Terrence Goodrum, Meadville (Sr.); Delton Williams, Erie Cathedral Prep (Jr.); Dylan Graham, Clearfield Area (Jr.); Tyler Pavalko, Central Mountain (Soph.)

DEF. SPEC.: James Kleinhampl, North Allegheny (Sr.); Justin Quiggle, Saint Marys (Sr.); Chad Williams, Grove City (Jr.); Kyle Baum, Norwin (Soph.); Zach Lazur, Highlands (Soph.)

K: Brian Murone, Grove City (Sr.); Kory Wood, Knoch (Sr.); Michael Denny, Seneca Valley (); Ryan Gralish, Mars (Sr.); Sam Scifo, Woodland Hills (Sr.); Elliot Taylor, Central Valley (Jr.); Michael Masarik, Highlands (Jr.); Nate Dearth, Montour (Jr.); Tyler Matusak, Derry Area (Jr.); Mitchell Maczura, Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Fresh.)

P: Steve Gannon, Upper St. Clair (Sr.); Jack Henderson, North Allegheny (Jr.); Nick Santiago, Ambridge (Jr.)

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2 Responses to “2011 Big School Team (Class AAAA-Class AAA)”

  1. mark5 says:

    Wondering on some players you have listed as all conference.

    You left out a kid from montour high school that is listed on all recruiting sites as the top center in the state. With over 10 d-1offers in matt barone.

    You have 2 players from his same high school that he started over as a sophomore. Just surprised you would have these inaccuracies if you want cred for this publication.

  2. Jake Long says:

    Cory Lauer played 3 or 4 games this year with a cast on due to a broken thumb and still lead the WPIAL in interceptions. Pretty impressive. Good call picking that ball hawk to first team.