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2018 Football Forum

Written by: on Monday, January 1st, 2018

Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2018 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

2017 Football Forum

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113 Responses to “2018 Football Forum”

  1. Billy Splain says:

    If it gets approved. And they will have to get through gateway.

  2. Jack1234 says:

    Since were taking about transfers, a somewhat big one happened in the wpial. Corey Thomas from PCC transferd to penn hills. Arguably one of the top players in the wpial, third high school now. Assuming this gets approved, penn hills should be a juggernaut next year. Don’t be surprised if they’re at Hershey in 5A. Loaded with athletes.

  3. Billy Splain says:

    Mike F. if the transfer goes through a rigorous processs (which is also being looked at) and is approved, the transferring player will be allowed to play. It’s the transfers that come out of nowhere for reasons we all see that are being targeted. 5 games is not enough. If team A goes 3-2 while a transfer sits, in lower classes that player can come in and completely change the team. My argument isn’t about private/public. My point is for ALL teams. They all should be on a level playing field.
    As for it being only a handful of coaches, in many cases it isn’t the coaches, well that handful is dominating and making the playing field unfair to the rest. I said it isn’t the coaches because I know some have no control over who comes to a private school. They’d get fired if they said “no, i’m not playing him”. It’s the parents that are making the moves. Making a player sit for the year if they can’t prove the transfer was absolutely needed is the solution. I can guarantee if that rule existed you’d see transfer rates drop drastically. And don’t give me that “let the parent decide whats best” garbage. Most don’t know what’s best. They think johnny has a better shot at a scholarship by playing for X. They don’t. Colleges know where they are. If the are D1 talent, they are recognized in 10th grade. I can name, but wont, 25 players who i’m sure moved to better their chance and they’ll end up DII. Only around 120-130 PA players went D1 last year. I’d say 95% had D1 offers or recognition by the end of their junior year. They don’t need to move, but in many cases they do just to win a title.
    So yes, it’s time to get strict on transfers. very strict. It’s the only viable solution. You can’t have the rights of a few outweigh the right of the many.

  4. Foleman says:

    Its a few group of schools in the PIAA that are ruining the competitive balance in football due to the transfer policy-Imhotep, ECP, McDevitt, Wood, St. Joe Prep. The no Sr transfers playing in the PIAA playoffs is a drastic measure and I am sure everyone will hate it, but when a Division 1 QB who is on his 3rd school in 3 years transfers in to an already loaded Imhotep which just about guarantees them the PIAA championship, something has to be done.

  5. Mike F says:


    I stated 25% because that is the number I heard almost a decade ago so 1 assumed it was close to reality. i don’t have time to research it now but once I get a chance I will.

    As far as your statement that my thesis is a terrible argument, I don’t believe so. When you are using words like “potential” or phrases like “good or bad at exploiting” it demonstrates the lack of substance in your argument.

    As I mentioned to Billy, I know for fact public’s “recruit” also. My attitude is so what let the parents do what they think is best for their kids.

    You guys act like there are no successful Public teams. There are a lot of successful public schools. Without much thought:

    Pine Richland, TJ, West A, North Allegheny, Aliquppia, Washington, Wilmington, Southern Columbia, Woodland Hills, McKeesport, South Fayette. You guys are looking for boogie men and I am sorry there are not any.

  6. Mike F says:


    I am talking football because this is a football board. Even if you look at the other sports it is still the same story that only a handful of schools are the problem only they are different schools than the football schools.

    As far as your argument of sitting, I was a person who had to sit my junior year back in the 90’s when I transferred from one Catholic School to another. The WPIAL enforced that rule with great authority back then. It sucked practicing and not playing, but it was worth it to me to get the hell out of the school I was at originally. With that said I think it is too hard of a punishment as not all transfers are 100% athletic related, God forbid if 20% is athletic reasoning, you are out there to screw the world for transferring. 5 games ineligible is more than fair imo. Another thing lets not act like Private schools are the only ones that “recruit”, I know a few public schools that contacted parents to transfer there kids, “just rent a low cost apartment” or “sign over custody to grandma”. Don’t act like it doesn’t happen.

    As for the voting members go, you trying to tell me that the other schools in those district have no say? It sounds like they need to see what they can do to change the voting member in their district if it is that much of an issue to them.

  7. SC says:

    It has nothing to do with schools people have problems with, that is a terrible argument. Its not even about what does happen. Any private, or charter school has the potential to have an artificial level of talent compared to their enrollment in relation to a public school. Making it utterly useless for public schools to compete against them. Whether or not the private school is good or bad at exploiting their advantage over public schools is irrelevant. High school football in this state is being ruined by hopping from school to school, whether it’s public or private. Anyone who wants to return the sanctity of PA hs football sees that. It hurts me and many others to see schools win by what I see as cheating.

  8. SC says:

    Mike F, I have no idea where you got 25% from. It is way closer to 8% the last time i checked. Weird how 8% of the schools win a majority of the championships, almost like they have a competitive advantage, considering their gross over representation in championship games.

  9. Billy Splain says:

    Mike F. You’re only talking football. when you look at wrestling and basketball….GIANT problem. I still don’t feel it’s separation that will solve the issue. They have to put a stop to school hopping. They are close with the Senior transfer/no playoffs and the 50% stuff they just passed but I just don’t understand (well I do,more on that) why the PIAA, who you are correct mike, belongs to the schools, won’t just make the rules and say “here are the rules, abide by them or face punishment.
    -It’s a simple fix really, if you transfer after your soph year, you can participate in drills that year but you can’t dress for any games.
    -only one transfer in high school (10-12) or you sit that year(if you transferred in 10th, you sat. If you transfer in 12th, you sit.
    -private and charter schools must be held to the same standards as a co-op using percentages based on where players from the team live.
    OK…on to what I understand and why they wont make the changes. The voting members consist of D10-kennedy catholic, D11-Allentown central catholic, D12-Wood, D4-SCA, you get my drift? they won’t want change.

  10. Mike F says:

    Sausmann football is a game that belongs to no one in particular no matter what the NFL tries to say. Now the Governing body for HS football in this stat is the PIAA. The PIAA belongs to the participating schools which approx 25% are private. If the other 75% want the 25% out, then tell them to vote them out. Grant it, the State Legislator will have something to say about that, but it is us tax payers who put them in office so get a rally going and vote them out.

    I stated it before and I will state it again, there are many private schools in this state only a handful of them, people have problems with:

    PCC, St Joe’s, Wood, ECP, Bishop McDevite, Beth Catholic, Bishop Guy. Maybe I am missing 1 or 2 but not many

    That is it. Those 7 schools out of over 100. Your hated of 7 schools drive you to want to add unwanted expenses on other area schools (public and private) and these private schools look very much like the public schools you favor. Bishop Canevin, Serra, Seton LaSalle, Mercyhurst Prep, Bishop McCort, Bishop Carrol, Landsdale,Greensburg CC, Lancaster CC, etc all look and act like normal public school. They are average to slightly above average mostly with down years and occasionally they get that special group of kids and make a deep run.

    The ax you have to grind against the 7 or so schools you take issue with is blinding you towards reality. As far as the 7 or so schools mentioned, again they got to be that way for a reason. Because Parents feel it is in their kids best interest to be there.

    If you don’t like it, drum up the support for changing it kicking the 25% out. Good luck because most people won’t care.

  11. sausmann9 says:

    @Mike F – I agree 100% the kids belong to their parents BUT football belongs to the PIAA. Again, send your kid to Awesome America Academy all day long for academics but end of day your kid wants to play ball – he comes home to the district you live in and he plays for that team; the team you pay taxes to every year or send your kid to the privates which do not compete in the PIAA.

  12. Mike F says:

    Sausmann and M,

    I understand your view I do, but at the end of the day, these kids belong to the parents not the school district. The parents are going to do what they deem to be best for their kids, despite the fact of what you or I think of them or private colleges, legends, etc. Each parent makes their own choice.

  13. phillyboy says:

    Mike F, you made some fair counter points but I totally agree with M’s viewpoint. I just think the hysteria around trying to procure a college scholarship is nonsense. Private colleges like Duquesne and Bucknell are a ripoff beyond belief. Just send him to a community college for 2 years and then transfer to Pitt and call it good. And that’s only if there is a specific worthwhile major in mind. In regards to the football angle, unless you have Parsons, Swift, Jurkovic type of talent you’re probably not going to make it to the NFL so why not be loyal to the community and possibly become a local legend like that Wagner kid from Wilmington in your neck of the woods a few years back?

  14. sausmann9 says:

    @Mike F – when you say “look at PR now”, you think they got that way just because they love their football??? Not a chance – PR got the way they are today because of a HUGE population/development boom that is happening over the last 15 years right in their area. PR was STILL a good football school 15 – 20 years ago w/ a state title in 03′ and that’s before their weight rooms and new head coach. PR has invested with the money they get from developing the area and people moving in. Many cities and towns just simply cannot do that.

    on the topic about sending kids to other schools – like it was stated earlier, when you have a small AAA or AAAA school such as Wilmington, Greenville, Sharon, Hickory, etc… and that school loses JUST ONE of their best players to Prep or PCC or wherever, that really affects not only that team but the league as well. We see that sh!t here in the Lehigh Valley with Bethlehem Catholic and Notre Dame GP – they take the best kids from the Colonial League schools (mostly AAA and AAAA schools) and there goes the strength of your team and league as well. Depth is probably the most important thing at those levels.

  15. Mike F says:


    I too can see where you are coming from and agree with a large part of that. I understand and appreciate loyalty, hell I am a Pitt and Pirate fan, that should state it load and clear LOL. With that said, I pay taxes,the schools are not educating my kids free of charge and I also pay a fee for him right now in the youth leagues and I believe the HS is pay to play also. No tax payer owes the school or community anything. I do not like it when I hear things like “that kid belongs to such and such school district”. No that kid does not. he belongs to the parents and the parents are going to do what they deem best for their kid.

    The second point I want to make and I mentioned it already, get better. Seriously what was Pine Richland 20 years ago? It was an average country school with a lousy football team. Now look at it. They spent money upgrading the academics and sports and people moved in. I know it is a hard fight, but isn’t everything worth having?

  16. M says:

    I agree with most of that Mike. I am simply saying when you are some of the highschools you mentioned below, losing one kid is a back-breaker when your roster is only 35-40 kids. In the Erie area it weakens teams immensely. Which I believe weakens football for the entire area. One team being consistantly great and all others unable to hang is not good in my eyes. This isn’t the case near the bigger cities simply because of population. I appreciate your scenario and understand your point. A valid point. But my personal belief is that I would not transfer my son. I believe the big picture means more. And I’m a self-admitted loyalist. I have a hard time seeing kids play against kids they spent their life playing with. But that’s me. I can see the other side as well, I just simply share a different view. My view may cost a bit more in student loan debt, but I feel the life lessen is worth it. I know a lot of people on here would disagree with me, but that’s the conversation. I’m glad it remains civil on here for the most part.

  17. Mike F says:


    M and Foleman I have a question for you. Lets say you make a good living. You make such a good living that you don’t qualify for much college grants/aid. Yet you make not enough that paying for college would be easy if possible at all.

    If your son was say a 6-0 180 lbs WR w/ decent skills and 3.8 gpa with 1200 SAT and you live in any of those small Erie towns like Harbor Creek, North East, Fairview, etc, tell me what you would do in this situation.

    Your son just had a great Junior season, lets say 80 catches with 12TDs. Come recruiting time you are only hearing from Allegheny, W&J, Grove City etc with the standard we will look at your financials then try to compensate it with student base aid so after all is said and done you are around $30,000 a year. You are also getting “scholarship offers” (We all know that they are only partial offers)from the D2 schools Slippery Rock, Boro, Clarion etc.

    Try and tell me that you would not be tempted to send him to ECP for that senior year to try and get that FULL Scholarship offer from the D1 FCS schools like Duquesne, Bucknell, Lehigh, Layfatte, etc.

    I know I would take that chance, plus he now has a chance at a state title too. That is your answer for why these schools can pull the talent from these other schools. I have said in the past, you don’t see many kids leaving Quip or Woodland Hills very often to go to PCC. They know there is opportunity right where they are. If these schools want to keep these kids in the program, show the opportunity. That is the times we live in.

  18. M says:

    Foleman, I would never put a player’s name on this (or any)forum. Just as I would not want someone putting my son’s name on it. I can assure you the number 12 is accurate and will almost certainly increase in the coming months. This isn’t that unuasual but points out the significance of the transfers. Especially in the Erie area. Erie itself is a population of about 95,000. Include surrounding areas and that probably doubles or a little more. I don’t know those numbers exactly. What I do know is the Erie area is no Pittsburgh or Philly. It hurts the schools surrounding ECP way more than people from other areas realize.

  19. phillyboy says:

    Very well said Mike F. How I like to describe the IMG situation: it’s not a high school with a footbal team but a football team with a high school.

  20. Mike F says:

    PR is one year too late playing IMG and even if they did play them last year they would probably still lose by 2 TDs. I hate seeing PA football teams put themselves in bad position to win against out of state teams. It seems like they all do it too by playing the year after their big season. Back when the Herbie Classic in Ohio was going strong they always got the team that was the previous years PA state champ to go over. Every year that PA team was a shell of the year before and they played PA week 1 vs Ohio weeks 2. I hated that crap.

    I am not a Private school basher like sausmann but these IMG type schools take it to such an unhealthy level, there is not even much school to it. Say what you want about St Joe’s, PCC, ECP etc. They are at least real schools that many colleges hold in high regards for their academics. Not so much with IMG, those kids are there for one reason ans that is to play football. At IMG “Spare time” is educational time.

    Also, the type of talent like Sausaman mentioned that IMG has is insane. They don’t just attract Florida talent they attract talent from all the USA. A few PA kids went there in years past. The only hope a regular HS like PR has is that all that talent IMG has cannot coexist together and there is turmoil in the locker room. Being that they were #2 last year shows you how much that happens.

  21. Foleman says:

    M, 12! I heard 4, can you name the 12? If this is true, then the PIAA should look into this. Imhotep just had a highly recruited Quarterback-DePaul transfer in, he is now on his 3rd school in 3 years-Norristown, North Penn, now Imhotep. Hello PIAA, can you check his residence? And you wonder why the rest of 4A and the State is screaming about Imhotep and Erie Cathedral Prep having a monopoly on State Championships.

  22. phillyboy says:

    It seems that Pine Richland has emerged as the top dog, the darling of the WPIAL in recent years. Apparently the area is booming in population, they have great support, classy engaged residents and a fantastic coach who even has a PIAA pedigree as a player. Are you KIDDING me?! The big time college scouts will be scouring that program for great prospects every year. On top of that, they’re now playing on ESPN against top competition. If I lived in the Pittsburgh area I’d be all over that. Heck, the local real estate agents could even use the Rams football program as a selling point.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if families start relocating into the Pine Richland catchment. In addition to the Trader Joe’s, the high end Italian pizzeria, etc. you got a prime time, public high school football program; Americana at its best.

  23. sausmann9 says:

    @ Jack1234 – lol, every team after IMG might feel like a JV team b/c that’s all PR might have left. I understand playing up and testing the kids before league and state play but that caliber of an opponent and to start the season and with what you have coming back; scary chance to take! Look, I love PR, one of my favorite schools in the state going back to the “Snowbowl” and trust me; if there is one person OUTSIDE of the PR program that wants them to beat the snot out of IMG, PCC, ECP, Iggy, Eds, etc… EVERY SINGLE YEAR they play them it would be me!!! (but I think you know that and why, lol)

    Good luck for sure!!!

  24. jack1234 says:

    That’s not what I think at all and I don’t disagree with what you said, but playing tougher teams early on benefits the team in the long run IMO. After PR plays IMG, every team is gonna feel like a JV team. And PR has built weight room warrior guys, IMG is going to be better at every position but I don’t buy the narrative that PR is going to get pushed around easily. They will give them everything they have.

  25. M says:

    I think the public school frustration with the private school is losing kids they have worked with for years. Cathedral Prep has 12 junior football players that have transferred from mainly neighboring schools in the last few months. That’s an entire senior class size for some schools these kids have left. Prep has a strong program, no doubt about it. But much of it comes from skills and techniques other coaching staffs have taught kids. Prep didn’t build those skills in the transfer kids, they acquired them. I would hope students in the future would opt to build a strong program rather than simply joining one. I know opinions vary, but what are we teaching these kids about life? If it’s not ideal, just leave? I have to think that mindset would transfer to their eventual job, marriage, and whatever else requires resiliency in life. This is just an opinion obviously.

  26. sausmann9 says:

    @Jack1234 – please don’t think SJP is winning three out of four state titles by playing the IMG’s of the country. You do realize they not only recruit the city of Philly (5+ million) but also a large part of western NJ. Their 2015 state title team had seven starters with NJ addresses.

    here is IMG’s backfield to date not counting their quarterback who is ranked around #5 in US, wait til July;


  27. sausmann9 says:

    @ Jack1234 – lol, you can spin it however you want, PR and SJP are two very different “animals” so to say. Good luck since you will need a ton of it. right now I’d say the point spread is IMG by 50.

    IMG 63
    PR 13 (4th quarter points)

    at kickoff that spread may be even higher.

    You also understand that PA doesn’t have a top player that breaks into Florida’s top 10 and IMG has five of those Florida players on their team.

    PR better off and safer playing Colerain, Elder, St eds, etc…

  28. Jack1234 says:

    Their is significant injury risk everytime someone plays football. Look at what SJP does, they play top competition early on and it seems to work well for them, three titles in four years.

  29. sausmann9 says:

    Jack1234 – Five of the Top 10 players from Florida play at IMG Academy. 2019 Georgia commit Nolan Smith is the top rated player from the Sunshine State. The five-star defensive end is the No. 5 overall prospect in the Class of 2019. One spot under him is Trey Sanders, a former Alabama commit and the top rated running back in the Class of 2019. They also have the No. 2-rated running back in the class Noah Cain.

    The Ascenders bring in one of the best offensive lines in the country led by Evan Neal, Deyavie Hammond and recent Miami (Fla.) transfer Dontae Lucas. They check in as the Nos. 2, 3 and 8 offensive guards, respectively, from the Class of 2019.

    A few other big-time transfers include four-star wide receiver Josh Delgado, four-star linebacker Jaleel McRae, Lake four-star safety Briton Allen and four-star wide receiver Shamar Nash. Former Upland (Calif.) quarterback David Baldwin will be competing for the starting job under center in 2018.

    Basically IMG has gotten more 4-star recruits than PR has coaches, lol.

    PR wasting their time and risking significant injury going against a team like IMG.

  30. D10 Fan says:


    The reality is, CP plays the same competition outside of D10 that they did in 3A. The same programs are winning their districts year-in and year-out and the only difference is a 4 instead of a 3. TJ, Berks/McDevitt, Tep is hardly an easy path. Tep might be the best team in the state next year.

  31. Jack1234 says:

    @sausmann9 most would expect the same, but I think it’s a great opportunity to play against top compeition. They won’t face anything close to what IMG has in the wpial so this gives them a great opportunity for exposure and “practice” against top guys. W or L won’t count towards anything in week 0

  32. Tully says:

    Drew the new 4a is no where near as tough as the old 3a. Not even close. In fact just by math alone it is the lower 67% bubenrollment. You also lose perennial powers like Wood and West Allegheny. And who cares if ECP would occasionally runs into a superior team. Welcome to reality and isn’t the point to compete rather than choose the easy path?

  33. David Mika says:

    We are moving the site to a new server. The forum will be shut down until we are done. I am going to shut it down at noon, Monday. Thank you!

  34. sausmann9 says:

    I hope I am wrong, very wrong, but PR will get throttled on ESPN next season if this game is a go. IMG has more five-star (three of them as of now) than PR has all-state (two as of now) players on their roster. I can say this with 99% accuracy and that is IMG will get another half dozen four-star (or higher) players prior to summer practice starting and RP will get ZERO four-star or higher players by the start of summer practice. PR is a season late on this match up.

  35. Drew says:


    While I do think the 5A discussion/criticism is fair I’d still like to point out that CP has benefited from one of the best SR classes in the history of D10 the past 2 years. The 3 years between winning in ‘12 and the back-to-back these past years they lost to McDevitt; didn’t even make it out if D10; and got blown out by TEP. Yes, those 3 years they were in the old 3A but their path outside of D10 was the exact same as it has been in the new 4A. The only change is everyone in D10 opted to avoid CP and they no longer are matched up with Wood in Hershey. IF they get back to Hershey this year I doubt they beat TEP with what TEP has coming back. So the competition outside of D10 is just fine in 4A. I will agree that i’d rather see them play in 5A but the notion that they’re going to sleepwalk to titles every year in 4A is false.

  36. Phil says:

    Coaches, ADs, media and fans need to pressure the PIAA into doing something, like instituting the Success Factor and implementing some sort of transfer rule. Meanwhile, the PIAA continues to sit on their hands and do nothing. While going to 6 classes was a step in the right direction for PA, transfer rules and the Success Factor would go a long way in leveling the playing field and making more competitive games during the year and especially in the playoffs.

  37. Tully says:

    Tremendous post Jeff. Right on the money.

  38. Jeff says:

    @ Friday Night Fan – I think your allegiance to ECP is clouding your judgment. I saw ECP and PR both play last year and have no ties to either school and IMO if they played it would be a very competitive game, but would give the edge to PR. If you think Mischler is a better QB than Jurkovec you’re delusional…not taking anything away from Mischler as he’s very good and expect him to do well at Miami, but Jurkovec is likely to be playing on Sunday’s in another several years, and there’s no question he’s a better athlete than Mischler.

    Most observers outside of D10 think it’s a joke that ECP plays 4A in the state playoffs, certainly all the fans in Eastern Pa feel that way (read the other boards), I don’t care what schools they play in the regular season, they are without a doubt one of the premier programs in the state and as such should at the very least be playing 5A in the playoffs. Also, the PIAA does not dictate what class a school plays, all they do is set enrollment guidelines and you can’t play BELOW that class, but nothing is stopping them from playing up like other elite programs like Aliquippa, Wood, and Imhotep do.

    Time for the PIAA to implement the success rule that was discussed on this board a few years ago. Since ECP won the last 2 4A titles that would mean they would play 5A the next 2 years, and since Wood won the last 2 5A they would move up to 6A.

    Your argument about ECP not having the depth to compete with the higher classes doesn’t cut it with me, their roster is as big as most of the 5A and 6A schools. Wood has a lower enrollment than ECP yet they play up in 5A, so why doesn’t ECP play up?

    The obvious conclusion is it’s easier to win a state title at 4A than 5A or certainly 6A, so apparently it’s more important to the administration to win a state title than do the right thing and play in the class they should be playing, the fact is ECP would still win titles at a higher classification because they have that good of a program, just not every year.

  39. jack1234 says:

    I think Coatsville has a pretty good argument for that as well, and whoever comes out the WPIAL if it’s a public should be pretty good as well

  40. Mcd65 says:

    PR will be overmatched for sure, but coach K is an incredible strategist and if there is a weakness he will take advantage of it. Yes, a PCL guy rooting for Pr in this one for sure.

  41. SC says:

    state college will be the best public school in 6a football next year. will be interesting to see what the d12 to the western side of the bracket will mean. Doesn’t quite make sense considering the lack of competition d3 in 6a has given since CD won the championship. Unfortunate that a d3 or a d1 will make the championship. Any team coming out of the western side will effectively win now…

  42. Jack1234 says:

    @wpial rules I think realistically the coaches and players both know this is game Isn’t very winnable. It’s to get exposure and experience against top level competition. There’s a chance of ESPNcoming as well. Are they doing it so PR is an attractive place for transfers that want exposure? Your guess is as good as mine

  43. WPIAL Rules says:

    @phillyboy….so this will help PR recruit better athletes? This would want parents to move into the school district? Just because they play IMG? Well, that sounds like a way to recruit, right?

  44. Mike F says:


    Agree 100%, people who hate the Catholic schools need to look at IMG. It really is a fraud to call them a HS team. Literally 100% of their team goes D2 or higher with most starters being D1 P5. The only hope a normal school had against them is that IMG is not gelling while due to conflicts on the team. They were ranked number 2 in the country last year for what that is worth so that is not an issue it seems. Again they are a joke to be called a HS team.

  45. Billy Splain says:

    Philly, I have all the respect for Kasper. He takes his guys against the big boys all the time. Tep and a few others, they are ok but IMG is basically a pre-college team. I just don’t like what they stand for is all. But we’ll be there for that game rooting on the PA team.

  46. phillyboy says:

    philly to Billy: appreciate your opinion on ignoring and refusing to play these all-star type teams on principle and to not dignify it, but rather to starve it so to speak. On the other hand it could raise PR’s profile moreso so as to attract better talent to the program. So it is a little bit of a philosophical quandry.

  47. Mike F says:

    I hope PR does not play IMG. The year to do it was last year not this year. PR is better off playing a Public power from Ohio like Mentor or Canton McKinley, Colerain, etc. i feel they lost too much to play a team like IMG (I hate the idea of IMG for all you Catholic haters you need to look at this outfit) and be competitive. My opinion of course.

  48. WPIAL RULES says:

    @Billy we all know it comes down to PR’s ego! This might be the Year they get knocked down a peg or 2.

  49. Billy Splain says:

    Id rather they beat a public school. The only solution to ending private school teams like that is to refuse to play them . my opinion

  50. WPIAL RULES says:

    IMG vs PR week 0! Would have been a better match last year!

  51. Billy Splain says:

    actually that wasn’t official and has been removed. No contracts signed yet

  52. Jack1234 says:

    Although it’s been somewhat known, it’s been “officially” announced PR will play IMG academy for week 0 next season. Defiantly a year late but good for coach k for getting these types of game, great exposure for western pa.

  53. D10 Fan says:

    I miss the days when they could play though. Would’ve been some nice matchups the past few years.

  54. D10 Fan says:

    Iggys and Eds won’t play ECP anymore because it would hold no value to them since ECP isn’t in PA’s biggest classification. Something with Ohio’s point system for the playoffs, it discourages teams from going out-of-state to play teams in lower classifications. I think only CPs frosh can play Eds/Iggys.

  55. M says:

    McDowell played St.Eds and Austintown Fitch last season. They used to play St. Ignatius, Cardinal Mooney, St.Eds, Austintown Fitch and Mentor all in the same season. Brutal schedule


  56. B. Powell says:

    There’s a chance for a schedule upgrade for ECP if they’re willing to play St Ignatius, St Edward, Thomas Aquinas or Cardinal Mooney. I see those teams looking for games this fall.
    McDowell and Erie high should try a few, too and with just a 3-team region, you’d think they could adjust what weeks and fit one in.

  57. jacky1234 says:

    They beat crap 6A teams. Stop talking like mcdowell is even good, they were 5-6. With the D1 athletes ECP has on both sides, they should be beating teams like mcdowell. So if they beat the 6A teams they have to play, why don’t they move up then? Because clearly they have the depth to compete obviously. You seem to be avoiding that question.

  58. Friday night fan says:

    Jack I’m beginning to think your illiterate? McDowell is in CP region. They have to play them! Have you understood anything if said??? CP just had it’s best class Ever come through! Did I loose you yet?? We’re talking about last years team correct? YOU said they should move up in class and quit beating up on 4 A teams did you not?? They are playing 6A teams is the point! PR did not seat PCC any worse than CP did during the regular season. PR and CP were the only teams to beat PCC this year correct? They were not at there usual team agreed, but they still made in to The WPIAL finals. For example Bishop Hoban was in the top ten in the nation on max preps rankings. They had two common opponents with CP. they bot played Benedictine from Ohio. Cp beat them way worse. And they both played West Toronto Prep to about the same out come. So to me the national ranking aren’t that big of an indicator of anything. Meaning the top 100 teams maybe separated by 7 points or so. In the national catholic highschool football rankings Cp finished 3 Rd. Ahead of Bishop Gorman out of Vegas. I really can understand why people think you have to be in a certain class to be the best? I’m saying they don’t have the numbers to compete moving up most years. The last two years they could have talent wise yes, but loosing 2 D1 receiver/D backs and the lack of depth in back ups would have been magnified. Jack try to do some reading other than the Tribe review. I’m not the dense narrow minded one here.

  59. Jack1234 says:

    *most dense

  60. Jack1234 says:

    Friday night fans you are one of the densists mofo’s I’ve talked to. Lol. yes erie mcdowell was a JOKE last season. Your bragging about beating a 5-6 team? Maybe I didn’t mention maybe beat good 6A teams? PCC was nothing special last year once again. So if the problem is not having the same enrollment numbers as the other big 6A schools and not having the depth to compete with these teams, then why in the hell are you suggesting that ECP would’ve beaten the top 6A and 5A teams as well last season? Literally every posts you have made has been hypocritical as hell lmao

  61. Friday night fan says:

    Maybe Wood moved up to get away from Imhotep in there districts? Imhotep beat Wood in districts 2015 if I’m not mistaken. And CP beat them in the state final 2012. So may be Wood doesn’t want to play them in the play offs? I’m pretty sure coaches ( some) have conversations wear not privy to. Like you said no one can predict out comes that’s why they play the games! Imhotep and Wood move up by choice, and Cp doesn’t by choice! I don’t really think they give a crap what guys on some forum are saying. All the team being brought up are 1 st class programs with great coaches! I’m not disrespecting any team. At least in the FBS they have closure with the playoff. They know who 1-4 are.

  62. Mcd65 says:

    Friday night fan, Both Wood and Imhotep moved up a class beyond their enrollment classification. Why does CP continue not to move up ? I’m curious .BTW there is no way anyone can predict a games outcome if its not played. I can say Wood would beat CP , just as you believe the opposite. Take a look at who Wood played last year.Im sure you don’t look at those things outside of Erie. Pine Richlane was the best in Pa. last year IMO. Sauseman,I like your Jr.East/West idea.

  63. Friday night fan says:

    You have to realize CP lost two D1 D backs/ receivers mid season. There’s no way wood or SJP were better than CP.
    I think the top 4 were PR/ CP 1 or 2 respectfully then wood and SJP in 4 th place. CP takes the starters out in the third Quarter most game. I’m sure they would have beat a lot of teams badly, but the coach has class! And it hurts the national rankings that’s the trade off I guess.
    Jack LMFAO – you said CP should be playing 6 A teams? They do was my point jeryoff! They only played like 2 4A teams before the playoffs. They were forced to play region games.Who knows when you do scheduling in the spring what a team will be like next fall? Tell James Conner from Pitt/ Steelers that his h.s. Team McDowell is a joke big guy! Week one McDowell was beating Cleveland ST. Eds at half time, and they’re always ranked high nationally. The Wayne team PR played week 0 was obviously in a rebuilding year also. PCC was a lot better than Wayne. The problem with CP moving up to 6 A say in the playoffs would be they only have 130-140 boys per class. To play schools that have 300+ boys per class. It would be a depth issue. This 2018 class at CP was the best class football wise to come through the program according to the AD of CP. There will be a talent drop this year I think. Imhotep will be very tough this year!

  64. jacky1234 says:

    @b powell this past PR team had a bunch of other underrated guys as well, Jason defrancisis luke meckler mike katic luke meckler Anthony Cerminara etc. I just don’t believe that anyone in the state could beat them last season. I think the top 4 in the state were PR, SJP, Wood, and ECP.

    @phil you actually can if you have ncaa 14, you can create your own rosters, customize uniforms etc. You can also play in high school stadiums in the game I believe. I also have heard of people making wpial rosters to download.

  65. phillyboy says:

    I understand this ECP team was very talented, very good but when push comes to shove PR would have taken them. I absolutely think St. Joe’s Prep would have beaten ECP, as well as Wood. My suspicion was that PR was the best after seeing how they were unstoppable against a highly regarded Wayne, OH team. My suspicion became a certainty after seeing how PR decked Saint Joe’s Prep in crunch time, that was a HUGE win. Believe me, SJP is a very tough out. I would rank last year’s ECP at #4 in the state after PR, SJP, and Wood. Erie Prep had a few decent wins, but you can’t play in the minor leagues and crow about being the best. Very rarely is the state champ in a lower classification the overall best in state. One notable exception IMO was 2011; that Wood team was off the hook at the end of the year.

  66. B. Powell says:

    May I also add, there is “life” in Erie, PA football again. Prep has it going ON and the McDowell vs Erie playoff game this year was epic. I listened to it on the radio and my eyes started to well up with happiness for those Erie High kids. For many of them it was the 1st thing of value they had won in their lives and the reformation of Erie High was done so quickly and came off as good as it could have happened.
    Add Mercyhurst Prep in the mix and Erie area has some fine athletes. D10 does pretty well in playoffs considering the city and rural demographic mix.

  67. Phil says:

    @ Mike F
    Thanks for the info regarding the Aliquippa situation. Sources have echoed the same as you stated plus one other factor that does not warrant discussion unless proven to be true.

    If I may, I’d like to jump into the PR vs. ECP debate. Whether you are a PR fan, an ECP fan or just a high school football fan especially from western Pa., it is good to see great football being played here in the west.

    Jurkovec is probably the best HS QB I’ve ever seen, Mischler makes the top ten though. Bauer is definitely one of he better LBs I’ve seen. Roberts and Scruggs are great, while Kristofic and Crawford and Falcone are fantastic. And on and on it goes. Bottom line is both teams were loaded and I was blessed to see them both play at least 3 times the past couple years. Oh, by the way, you couldn’t ask for two better coaches who are easily accessible, very knowledgeable, and genuinely good guys. No predictions by me, but if someone came up with a high school version of Madden’s Game Day with these two teams on it, I’d play in an instant!!

  68. Tully says:

    CP does play impressive non-conference schedule. Make me wonder why they are satisfied being in a watered down 4a despite the largest enrollment in that class. Couldnt be trophy hunting could it? Why not play Wood for that honor? Or better yet why dont both play at their weight in 6a where the caliber of their programs belong?

    What happened in Aliquippa a complete shame. Hearing pushed flr the normal politics and parent vendettas. The losers in it are the kids. Coach was a class act throughout.

  69. Jack1234 says:

    Yeah Erie high school and 5-6 Erie Mcdowell. Real powerhouses LMFAO. And PCC was weak last year as well. The school from michigan is ranked 112 by maxpreps, PR beat SJP that was a top 25 team at the time. Also imhotep was without their best player, and they truly weren’t anything special last year. PR has a better resume that is facts. Also coming from someone likely from erie that’s some thin ice your on making comments like “must be a burg thing” Lol

  70. Mike F says:


    When i heard he was axed I thought there was a PSU/MSU situation. At the very least I was expecting he got to physical with a player. When I found out it was just school board politics, it made me sick to my stomach. I have no clue who they think they are going to get better on the field or off.

    No coach is going to be able to change the environment there. It is in the bottom 10% for education in this state and there are tons of drugs and no jobs in that community. The boards “reasons” are a joke.

  71. Mike F says:

    Steve O’Neil,

    The reasons are very valid: Heavy Sarcasm

    1) He didn’t help with recruiting as an example the one school board members kid was not pushed enough in the late 90’s

    2) He is not doing enough for former players hanging on the street corner.

    3) They only won 1 state title with him

  72. Phil says:

    What’s up with Aliquippa’s coach getting the axe. Never heard anything bad about Coach Zmijanac. Wasn’t losing something like 36 games in over 20 years good enough for a few board members. Or is there something behind the scenes we don’t know about? Hopefully that behind the scenes thing isn’t some people in power with an axe to grind.

  73. phillyboy says:

    According to the ‘project a matchup’ feature at calpreps.com: [2017] PR 42 – ECP 28.

  74. Friday night fan says:

    Your whole post tells me you know very little about CP. Their first 3 games in 17 were against 6A teams all ranked in the top 5 in western PA. Look at the scores.Then they went to Detroit and played the 2017 Michigan state champs an Michigan second largest classification. And Canisus out of Buffalo is always a state contender for the regular season finale. Cp usually has the starters out mid way through the 3 Rd quarter, and that’s when they give up some points also.Anyone who thinks you have to play 6A to be the best is dead wrong. The PIAA decides what class we’re in, and you think Berks Catholic and Imhotep are week team? Nobody said the 7 on 7 was a real game. But when people make comments like PR is the best in the state no debate? I disagree that’s all! And Jack- your point Is invalid! Must be a burg thing?

  75. steven o'neil says:

    Anybody have any info on what the reason is behind the school board getting rid of the quips head coach? I was completely shocked to read that.

  76. Mike F says:

    Wow Mike Zmijanac is voted out as Head Coach at Aliquippa. Pittsburgh media is attacking the School Board.

  77. jacky1234 says:

    Except 7on7 isn’t an actual game, so yes it doesn’t count for anything. All it does for PR is practice their formations and plays etc. Take a look at who ECP played and who SJP played, SJP played better compeition and they gave up less points statistically then ECP did not playing as hard of teams. Your argument is invalid, if ECP wants to be considered the number 1 team they should move up a class or two and stop beating up on weak teams in 4A

  78. garyz says:

    Jurk and the kid from ECP were both great QB’s, no doubt! However if you truly think the kid from ECP was better than Jurk because of a 7on7, or height, well your wrong! Look at every nationwide ranking, scholarship offers and tell me what everyone missed? Was it that 7on7 that has been referenced? Is it his height? Because if Mischler was the 2nd coming of Marino, the height difference means nothing in today’s game. So what is it you know, that all recruiting services and College Coaches do not? The 7on7, 36-6 Football In shorts! I AM NOT A PR FAN, just someone who respects and knows the game!

  79. garyz says:

    Anyone who uses 7 on 7 as a unit of measure or comparison, tells me all I need to know about their understanding of the game!! The whole 7 on 7 thing is so overrated that it is starting to lose some luster as a team function. However the kids who play for travel teams (comprised of kids from various schools) is still growing! That is because it’s a showcase for skill players and an informal recruiting tool. As a Coach, I like doing a few here and there, but so much more can be gained from repetition of the actual Offense and Defense you will run during the season! As an OC, I want my kids to know are Base runs and play actions VS every scenario possible. Not lining up in 5 Wide, which we may do 10-12 times a year, or playing exotic coverages that we most likely will never run on Defense!

  80. Friday night fan says:

    Well Jack , I guess it’s only nonsense if your the ones scratching at the end of the game. If the players don’t take the game-seriously it doesn’t count? Your not a TJ coach are you? I guess it’s all we have to go by as it’s the only time they met this season. And th PCC game.I said I’d take Mischler I didn’t mean he’s better.other than his deep balls In my opinion. It doesn’t really matter what we say we’ll never know. But I do agree it would have been a high scoring affair. I agree neither defense would have done much to slow the other down. I think it would have come down to field position, and turnovers. I see a score of like 42-35 type game. With CP on top of course! I don’t agree with the St. Joes defense being better than CP either. CP would have beat SJP just as bad as PR did.

  81. Jack1234 says:

    Enough with the 7on7 nonsense. It’s a joke. Most kids I know that aren’t on those travel teams don’t even take it serious. It’s way different covering a receiver or running routes in pads vs in shorts and tshirts. Also he’s faced plenty of secondaries and defenses with more D1 guys than ECP had on defense this year. Look at what he did to PCC in 2015 and 16. Mutliple D1 guys all across those defenses. Also saying mischler is better than jurkovec is a truly asinine statement, the mischler kids a player but he’s absolutely nowhere near jurkovec. All you have to do is compare film, mischler isn’t making anything close to some of the plays jurkovec made this past year.

    PR wasn’t a one horse show at all, they were loaded with other guys and a very underrated defense. SJP had a better defense than ECP and look at how PR scored on them. You’re argument is disprovable.

  82. me888 says:

    me’ll take PR by about 6 over CP. Neither defense would keep the other team under 20 to 24 points; and me’ll take PR’s offense over CP’s. me saw them both 4 times each, and none of the games were vs the patsies.

    Jurkovec is an all around better athlete than Mischler. He has a better/stronger arm (and is at least as accurate as Misch). He was a better runner also. Much more elusive. Mischler may have been a better field general, but not by much, if at all.

    JMO, as always!

  83. Friday night fan says:

    Spoken like a true PR fan LoL ! He sure wasn’t all that throwing the ball in the 7 on 7 vs CP. I don’t think he was use to throwing against a secondary with 3 D-1 D backs.I think CP had WAY more weapons on offense than PR. All CP would have to do would be shadow Phil with Matt Bauer to keep his scramble game in check. I’ll take Mischler any day over Phil, joe has better accuracy on long ball. PR didn’t face anyone close to CP this year including St. Joes. I think PR was a one horse show, and CP had a more balanced team. They both had great years, but CP would be more than PR could handle!

  84. jacky1234 says:

    PR was the best team in the state last year and there is no debate. The way they beat SJP in the title game solidifies this. Jurkovec is a generational player and he’s good enough to beat teams by himself.

  85. Friday night fan says:

    I don’t know how you can say PR would have beat CP? The common opponent was PCC and they both won by about the same score over PCC. I know it wasn’t a real game but CP beat PR in 7 on 7 36-6. I think that showed CP had the edge in the skilled positions. PR couldn’t cover the CP receivers period. I think CP O Line was better than PRs was. I guess we’ll never know, but would have loved to seen it! I think it would have come down to Phils legs against CP ground game.
    I don’t agree with the selling out comment? If the students attend the private school as a freshman. I don’t care for the wagon jumpers either I guess.

  86. B. Powell says:

    Good discussion.
    Just remember, too, it’s not all slam dunk approved up here, either. Mercyhurst Prep had a couple kids approved from one nearby school last fall 2017 and 2 other kids from another school with -higher academics than Mercyhurst- were not approved.
    All because the 1st school didn’t contest the transfers and the other school did.
    Seems like they are at least trying to find solutions.

  87. phillyboy says:

    @ B. Powell

    This notion that kids transfer to an elite private program in order to ‘enhance future opportunities at the next level’ is the biggest crock on planet Earth. College is big time overrated anyway but that’s a whole other topic of discussion. It’s all about taking the easy way out and kissing the behind of the big dog in order to have the privilege to be a part of it — as opposed to having some loyalty and playing for your home team. Yes, winning state championships is really cool, but not at the expense of becoming a sell-out. It’s a symptom of what Governor Rendell called ‘the wussification of America’. And btw, PR would have kicked Erie Prep’s butox last year.

  88. me888 says:

    “B. Powell says:
    February 15th, 2018 at 10:19 am
    I believe Seneca’s coach resigned last fall and this transfer was seen as quite a step up for both boys as far as future opportunity at the next level. ECP has shown it can certainly help with that and also provide and upgraded academic curriculum.
    The McDowell to ECP transfers are public to private school, Erie, PA – Erie, PA, as there is no Millcreek, PA.
    That’s the very core and theme of a private school – as an alternative education.”

    McDowell is not in the City of Erie. It is in Millcreek Township which does in fact have it’s own government and school system.

    Prep should never permit anyone to obtain a CP diploma by spending only 1 (or 1 and 1/2) years in the building. It devalues the diploma for all current, former, and future students; not to mention that it’s a really bad look and public relations move. The public schools here will be even more infuriated.

    JMO, as always!

  89. B. Powell says:

    I believe Seneca’s coach resigned last fall and this transfer was seen as quite a step up for both boys as far as future opportunity at the next level. ECP has shown it can certainly help with that and also provide and upgraded academic curriculum.
    The McDowell to ECP transfers are public to private school, Erie, PA – Erie, PA, as there is no Millcreek, PA.
    That’s the very core and theme of a private school – as an alternative education.

  90. Billy Splain says:

    Saussman, they are still working on different rules to curb the problem of transfers but hitting giant walls called district chairman that don’t want to hear about it. Many are from “transfer” schools.

  91. sausmann9 says:

    And yet Prep doesn’t want to move up, WTF is the PIAA doing if not fixing the issues???

  92. M says:

    Weird, I have been trying to share the below article here for several days.

  93. B. Powell says:

    Cathedral Prep gets ok on (4) more players.
    Two transfers from McDowell, two from Seneca now cleared to compete in sports at Prep
    EDINBORO — District 10 ruled Tuesday, 2/6/2018 that four student-athletes who recently transferred to Cathedral Preparatory School are eligible to participate in athletics at the school.
    The D-10 Committee conducted four separate eligibility hearings at the Northwest Tri County Intermediate Unit 5 on Tuesday.
    Regan Schleicher, who previously attended McDowell High School, was ruled eligible after the first hearing. After Schleicher’s ruling, McDowell officials withdrew their challenge to a second transfer from McDowell, Shelby Wiley. As a result, Wiley became eligible to play sports at Prep.
    Seneca High School challenged the transfers of Joey Scarabino and Tre Thrower in the next two hearings. However, District 10 ruled both eligible to compete for Prep.
    All four athletes are juniors who played for their respective football teams this past fall, while Scarabino and Schleicher also played baseball in the past. All four players were football all-region selections, while Scarabino is the all-time passer in Seneca history, and Schleicher was the starting quarterback at McDowell and all-region selection for the baseball team. Thrower and Wiley were voted to the all-region first team at defensive back.
    Bill Flanagan, the athletic director at Prep, is the District 10 Secretary and Erie City representative on the D-10 Committee, but he recused himself from the four hearings as a D-10 Committee member and was present as a Prep administrator. He was not present for the committee’s deliberations.
    Pete Iacino, the District 10 chairman and private schools representative on the D-10 Committee, also recused himself, leaving no private school connections on the committee for the four eligibility hearings.
    The committee unanimously approved Schleicher 9-0, while Scarabino was approved 8-1 and Thrower 7-2. There was no vote on Wiley after McDowell withdrew its objection.

  94. Xavier says:

    When you bring in 30 kids with half of them being out of state, how many do you think will still be there in a year? Slippery Rock and Clarion are bring in half a new team each.

  95. Jack1234 says:

    http://www.wpial.org/general/stuff/foot/18-19%20ftb%20grids.pdf WPIAL schedules released today. 6A now is only one conference.

  96. Southern D10 says:

    @Xavier. I never understood why he never got any big college offers. He certainly had the talent and stats to warrant them. Unfortunately this came out this morning.

  97. Mike F says:


    Don’t know/never seen this Strickland kid, but I do know this about recruiting. It is a crap shoot. This is not wrestling where a kid can say I was 92-14 and placed in states and beat this person, that person, etc and have it mean something. Therefore they are recruited accordingly based off their accomplishments on the mat not their potential.

    Football recruiting is a funny business an the exact opposite. You have guys look great at these camps in shorts and get destroyed on the field be rated in the top 3 at their positions (Sterling Jenkens) in the country. Yet the kids who destroyed that player be d3 players. Basically football coaches look at potential more than ability.

    I can’t tell you how many times I seen LBs be 4 star recruits with offers from everybody. They are 6-2 220lb and 4.6 forty,yet they never make tackles because they are cowards who take bad angles and have no football instincts. Then the 5′ 7″ 150lb 4.8 forty safety behind that 4 star LB take great angles, have good football instincts, and isn’t afraid to take or give a hit and they are choosing between Grove City, St. Vincent, Theil, etc.

    QB recruiting is the same way. I remember Paul Jones from Sto-Rox being a 5 star. he looked the part with height and weight (don’t remember exact measurements but he had them) and he could throw the ball a mile. The problem, no football instincts and wasn’t accurate at all. Most HS coaches would kill for a 5 star QB I remember watching Sto-Rox play Keystone Oaks and Jones coming out of the game so Sto-Rox could go to wildcat. That should tell you everything about how good he was. Yet he went to PSU as a 5 Star QB and offers from everyone.

    Basically don’t worry about recruiting, try and find the best academic/football balance where the kid fits. It will work out better for the kid then chasing the dream.

  98. Xavier says:

    Who knows anything about the Strickland kid from Sharon, multiple-time All-State receiver, 0 college offers.

  99. Billy Splain says:

    Jack, it doesn’t matter. when you have only 13 6A and around 24-25 5A teams, it is what it is. My only question is why didnt they leave 11 12 in east and put the D3 teams in the west. would have been the same. Some using blame 6 classes, but if it were four those other teams still wouldn’t have a chance.

  100. Jack1234 says:

    Some very good 5A and 6A western teams may not be able to at least make it to hershey with this new alignment now

  101. Billy Splain says:

    the wpial can’t pull out of the piaa.

  102. WPIAL RULES says:


    What a joke. It’s time for the WPIAL to pull out of the PIAA. What is the purpose of having an eastern and western champion? Why not just rank the top 16 or 32 teams in the state in each conferance and go from there?

  103. ECL/Metro FAN says:

    I’ll just say McDowell wont have a returning started at QB.

  104. peabody says:

    what kid is that. Haven’t heard anything but Scarabino, but more interested in him as LB

  105. ECL/Metro FAN says:

    Looks like Erie Prep has found themselves someone else to compete for the QB job against Scarabino.

  106. M says:

    Thanks Billy

  107. Billy Splain says:

    sorry bout that

  108. M says:

    I don’t see the link to the forunm on the homepage any longer. I had to do a web search to find this today. Didn’t know if I was alone.

  109. Billy Splain says:

    email me, billy@westernpafootball.net…let me know what you need

  110. Gary Kinsey says:

    Was trying to find somewhere to find a list of past PA. high school football all state teams, or at least players from district 6, please reply with any help

  111. Billy Splain says:

    There’s some good pa talent there this year from PA. The last hurrah for hs football of the 2017 season.

  112. sausmann9 says:

    Happy New Year everyone!!! Hey all, remember Thursday is the Under Armour All Star game at 1pm and then on Saturday at 1pm is the US Army All Star game. Enjoy and good luck to our PA players!!!!

  113. David Mika says:

    Happy New Year!

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