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EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PAEasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA
EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PAEasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA

Wilmington stuns West Catholic for first PIAA title

Written by: on Saturday, December 13th, 2008

HERSHEY, Pa. – Zero chance.  That had been the going phrase when describing District 10 champion Wilmington’s chances at defeating Philadelphia Catholic League juggernaut West Catholic.

Zero chance, eh?  This game had undertones of a Class “A” state title game played nearly two decades before it.

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8 Responses to “Wilmington stuns West Catholic for first PIAA title”

  1. Hounds Rule says:

    TJfan better look again, West Catholic has Players from 5 Different States! Maybe that is why Wilmington had more fans at the Game. We Traveled nearly 5 hours. West Catholic is 2 hours or less from Hershey. Their kids were good, but wouldn’t rack up those kind of yards against the Western Half of the state. Maybe they should play some real teams instead of the Preppy Teams from Philly. Hounds Rule!!!!

  2. GVIII says:

    Enough about who recruites and who can not recruite. The fact is the best team on December 12,2008 won.

    West had a very good team with good backs and a big front line. But Wilmington also has a very good team they played hard to get to there first state finle. Wilmington also has very good backs and a good line.

    If Wilmingtons coach did not put in the JV when they where up by 35 points all our backs would of had over 1,000 yards and we would have set records on scoring also. Wilmington is not a team to just set records. They get kids ready for the next year and there is no better way then letting the kids get playing time when they can. The fact is West Catholic coach got out coached and out played by a team no one gave any credit to.

    Way to go Hounds and enjoy the monenit. Keep up the good work and hope to see you in the state game next year.

    One more thing it would be nice to know,if PCN now know where New Wilmington, Pa is!!!

  3. Colin says:

    TJfan nice reply. Everyone thinks just because you are a catholic school that you recruit. A lot of Dunmore fans were upset because the thought West recruited players and the playing field wasnt level. But the funny thing is no one says anything when it comes to the Philly Public league.Both Catholic and Pub schools are open enrollment. George washington has players from all over the city. But because Pub teams get smashed in the state play-offs not much is said. The accusations will only get worse in years to come. West didnt win but i think we all know that the Catholic league will get their share of gold in a lot of sports. especially in basketball.

  4. BIG JOHN says:

    Three straight years in the Western finals. If a guy named Terrell Pryor was not part of the Jeannette team in 2006 and 2007 Wilmington might have played in its third straight AA Championship game. The Patriot News , PA Football News , Western Pa Football .net………..how can you guys continue to overlook them and rank the Hounds so low year after year ? Maybe they earned some recognition for 2009. They return a large group of contributors from this years Championship Team. But hey , my recommendation is keep posting how weak they are in 2009 , go ahead , rank them 2009 preseason Honorable Mention. They love being underdogs with no respect. Keep up the motivational work and lets see where they finish in 2009. Go Hounds

  5. lloydjv says:

    This was a long time coming for the ‘Hounds. Glad to see they got the job done and didn’t give in when they were down at the half. True champs.

    Where can I get a copy of the game CD? I live in Texas and had to catch the game on the net, but would really love to see this one played out.

  6. TJfan says:

    West Catholic does not recruit. They do not have boundaries like Public Schools so they could have an advantage but I checked the roster for West Catholic and every single one of their kids are from Philly. With all that said, Wilmington played a great game and deserved the win!!

  7. Colin says:

    Geez,the only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. It seems you already had your excuse ready had West won. Didnt matter to me who won i just saw a great game between to great teams who left it all on the field for themselves and their schools. Who cares if either school is public or catholic. So if its easier with so-called recruited players then schools like West dont have to work as hard? PLEASE!!!

  8. Mary Jane Baker says:

    Way to go Hounds!! What a statement – from a school that can’t recruit players. It’s much easier to get to the State finals when you can recruit and hand pick your team!! Wilmington has worked extremely hard and deserved the win.

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