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Franklin Falls to Express

Written by: on Sunday, October 19th, 2014


The DuBois Beavers are oiling the machine to get ready for a season’s end to remember. Unfortunately for Franklin they were the grease. Each week the Beavers seem to face a different philosophy on how to stop their offensive prowess. They’ve learned from losses to Conneaut and Cathedral Prep having made their system extremely flexible and decisive. With coach Varischetti in the press box and quarterback Gabe French taking his time at the line of scrimmage to look defenses over the Beavers are a force to be reckoned with. Receivers Cole Kriner, Dante Dawson, Kevin Foley and the latest addition Nick Labrasca seem to be feasting on blitzes and turning short and long passes into touchdowns. The offensive line of Peterson, Good, Luther, Pasternak and Foradora are keeping French standing tall and his jersey clean. In addition power back Devin Clark has proved to be more than a runner, transitioning into a dual threat, demonstrating the ability to catch passes out of the backfield in addition to is quality as a runner, two factors that college coaches should find appealing.

In Friday’s game DuBois demonstrated how versatile their offense is with 8 players finding the endzone. Quarterback Gabe French was 19 of 23 with six touchdowns, finding Dawson for 2TD, Clark for 1TD, Foley for 1TD, Kriner for 1TD and TE Nick Labrasca for his first as a Beaver. In addition French ran for a TD, Clark followed with 2 TDs, then Chad O’Donnell and Zack Sloan both found pay dirt to ice the game. The Beavers racked up over 600 yards of offense with French’s 427 yards erasing the record board which is now written in chalk following Varischetti’s arrival.

On the defensive side of the ball the DuBois pressured the quarterback and stuffed the run most of the evening. The squad also produced three interceptions a trend that seems to be finding traction lately. Adam Banovich, Devin Clark and Wes Russell made the Knights pay the toll for trying to keep pace with the Beaver Express.

Kicker Jared Meinert has been a pleasant surprise for the Beavers as practice makes perfect. Meinert has turned into a solid kicker for the fast pace offense.

With the General McLane coming town this week DuBois’ 77 to 21 thumping of Franklin was a good warm up for the squad. There are no cupcakes from this point forward which should prove to be extremely exciting for football fans from around the area.

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