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Penns Valley runs through BEA in OT Thriller 25-22

Written by: on Saturday, September 12th, 2009


Kody Bjalme ran straight through the defense of BEA all night long to the tune of 265 yards and 2 tds on 41 carries but it was one of 4 passes that Rams qb Tibben Zerby  threw on the night with 23 seconds left in the game that gave Bjalme his chance to cap the game off in running fashion.

With BEA leading 19-13 on 2nd and 11with just 23 seconds remaining, Kody did something he hadn’t done but three times all night, dropped back to pass. 46 yards later Ashton Koval snagged that pass in the endzone to tie the game. The pat failed and it was off to overtime where BEA was held to a field goal. Penns valley knew what to do. 29 up the middle. 2 plays later the Penns Valley Rams were looking for the coveted “Bell” these to friendly rivals play for.

BEA got the ball to start the night and ran 5 plays. They would only run 2 more plays until late in the 2nd quarter. Bjalme took his Rams straight downfield on their first possession only to have the drive stall at the 11, but a blocked punt was touched by a BEA defender and the Rams recovered the ball at the BEA 6. 2 plays later Bjalme had his first TD.

BEA countered late in the half with a field goal to send the game into the locker rooms at the half with a score of 7-3 in favor of Penns Valley.

Both teams traded possession in the 3rd, then the Eagles found a nice combination of run, pass and trickery to drive 93 yards and the lead. That drive was aided by a fake punt, direct snapped to Jon Gingrich on 4th and 2 which went for 21 yards and a first down. Eagle qb Justin Taylor then finished the drive with a one yard td run. The pat gave Bea a 11-7 lead.

That’s when Kody Bjalme decided it was time for his line to shine. They blasted hole wide enough for a Mack truck to go through, and with Bjalme only being 5’7″ and 175lbs it proved to be much more than needed. Tibben Zerby ran 15 yards to paydirt to make the score 13-11 after watching Bjalme take his team downfield.

But BEA wasn’t done, and this was the “Battle for the Bell” which was in their possession and they had no intentions of giving it back to the Rams.

Using the passing of Taylor to Dilon Schall and the legs of 2 mammoth running backs, Steve Eisenhuth and Jon Gingrich the Eagles took the lead back with 2 minutes left to play.  The 2 point conversion made the score 19-13.

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