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Bellwood thumps Mo Valley

Written by: on Monday, October 12th, 2009


“This is the year we beat them” was heard several time while waiting for the rain and a game between 5-0 Moshannon Valley and 5-0 Bellwood Antis…..well, one thing for sure is it DID rain, all over Mo Valleys senior night AND their plans to beat the Blue Devils.

The Black Knights started the night with the ball but would have few chances to see the pigskin the rest of the evening. Bellwood only needed 27 yards and a 20 yard TD run from Sr. Zack Mcauley to start the scoring. 2 minutes later Nick Degol scampered 34 yards to paydirt and the Blue Devils had a 14-0 lead with 4 minutes left in the first.

“They (Bellwood) just flat out beat us up front, no excuses” was what Mo Valleys head coach Murray Fetzer said of Bellwood dominance.

It looked as though the Knight defense was ready to rise to the occasion by downing Mcauley for a 4 yard loss but two plays later he made up for it scampering 51 yards down the left side to the 20. One play later Tyler Beach went 20 yards and made the score 20-0, the pat failed.

Bellwood would score again before the break on a 16 yard td pass from Nate Plummer to Jared Minori and again the pat failed, but the Blue Devils held a 26-0 halftime lead. “We had great balance and the line gave big holes and plenty of time, and the defense gave us great field position all game” said Plummer of his teams performance. ”

The second half was pretty must a mirror image of the first. Beech scored on a 19 yard run with 3:47 to go in the third and the pat failed making the score 32-0. The rain kept coming and so did the scores from Bellwood. On their next possession Bellwood drove 62 yards  for another six points, this time on an 8 yard run by Buddy Shaw, to close the scoring and give the Blue Kights a 38-0 victory.

Bellwood coach John Hayes said afterward “they’re a good team and we’ll probably see them again post season. This was a big win for us as far as seeding in the playoffs goes.”

Mo-Valley travels to Claysburg- Kimmel next week and Bellwood takes on Glendale

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